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Compare Volkswagen Passat car insurance

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Who are Volkswagen?

Volkswagen has come a long way from its humble beginnings as the “people’s car” manufacturer in Berlin, Germany. It’s now one of the world’s top carmakers based on vehicles sold.  
It has also taken over some very well-known brands. Volkswagen now owns Audi, Bentley, Seat, Bugatti, Skoda, Porsche and Lamborghini. It’s also known for being a bigwig in world rallies. 
The brand’s not stopping there, either. Volkswagen is now working on electric and hybrid technology cars, so it’s one to watch on the future innovations front.  

Frequently asked questions

What is the Volkswagen Passat?

The first Volkswagen Passat hit the market in 1973. Named after the German word “Passatwinde” or “trade wind”, this model is one of the most popular family sedans. The model is a top pick for European car buyers looking for a mid-size car, with over 30 million Volkswagen Passats rolling off the production line  since the first generation was launched.  That's even more than the legendary VW Beetle (21.5 million).. The Passat is one of the three best-selling Volkswagen vehicles of all time. 
The current range of Volkswagen Passats offers sedan or wagon models, making it a practical yet premium family car.  
The eighth generation of the European model will be launched in 2019 as a saloon and a variant with a new technical setup. Thanks to the “Travel Assist” system – a new IQ.DRIVE system, to use the Volkswagen name for intelligent drive systems – the Passat is the first Volkswagen vehicle that can be partially driven with assisted driving if desired, and at any speed (0 to 210 km/h). 

How much does a Volkswagen Passat cost to insure?

You may be quoted a different amount depending on factors such as your driving experience, your location and your age.  
The insurance group your car belongs to will also affect your quote. These groups are numbered from 1–50, and the lower the number, the lower your car insurance will likely be.  
Depending on the model of your Volkswagen Passat, you could be looking at groups 16–36, so make sure you use our car insurance group checker for your specific vehicle. Below are a few examples as a guide: 

Model Insurance Group
Passat Bluemotion 2 TDI (110) Group 16
Passat CL Group 21
Passat Highline TSI Bluemotion Tech 160 Group 24
Passat Alltrack 4motion TDI (177) Group 26
Passat W8 4Motion Group 36

Can I cut the cost of my Volkswagen Passat insurance?

Wondering if you can lower your car insurance premium? Well, you might be able to, by considering the factors that affect the cost of your premium. Even simple things, like where you park your car overnight or what you do for a living might make a difference to your costs. But don't forget, you must answer all questions truthfully, otherwise your insurance might be ruled invalid. 
You can also remove elements of your quote that you might not need – for example, if you don’t think you need breakdown cover.