Rent protection and rent guarantee insurance for landlords

Tenants who are unable to pay their rent are the stuff of every landlord’s nightmares. 

Rent guarantee insurance can protect you from the serious financial implications of defaulting tenants.  

Here’s a look at what types of cover can be added to your landlord’s insurance to protect you from loss of rent. 

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2. Rent guarantee insurance – even the most reliable tenants could experience financial difficulties resulting in arrears. On average, it takes 42 weeks to evict a tenant; that’s around 10 months of lost rent during the time it takes to regain possession. A rent guaranteed policy could cover your rental income should your tenants be unable to pay their rent. Before you apply for rent guaranteed insurance ensure:

  • you have a tenancy agreement in place and the tenants have been successfully referenced
  • your policy provides sufficient cover - check the maximum number of months and the total value from which you can claim unpaid rent from your tenant

A rent guaranteed insurance policy could also cover:

  • legal expenses and cover for any disputes relating to the recovery of rent arrears, repossession or eviction processes
  • access to a panel of solicitors who can offer legal advice on a wide range of services, not just lettings

How can I compare rent protection insurance quotes?

Send us your details and we’ll provide you with a list of suitable quotes for rental insurance for landlords. Whatever extra rent protection policy you decide to add to your landlord insurance, make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure you get the right level of cover to suit your needs.  

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