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Mobile phone insurance

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What is mobile phone insurance?

Mobile phone insurance covers you if you lose, damage or have your mobile phone stolen.  

‘Damage’ protection is standard across most policies, but it’s worth asking your insurance provider exactly what’s covered under their terms and conditions, since the definition can vary. 

As a general rule, you’ll be protected against water damage, loss/theft, mechanical breakdown, broken buttons and screen cracks. 

Frequently asked questions

What isn’t covered by mobile phone insurance?

As with most insurance policies, wear and tear isn’t usually covered by your mobile insurance. Neither is preventable theft, say, if you left your phone unattended in public.  

It’s important to report any instance of damage or theft to your insurance provider (and the police, if applicable) as soon as it happens. If you don’t, it’s likely to be a lot harder to make a successful claim. 

Do I need mobile phone insurance?

Research shows that, on average, we look at our phones every 12 minutes while we’re awake, according to communications watchdog Ofcom, so there’s no denying that we’ve become pretty attached to them. And it’s estimated that over half a million Britons fall victim to mobile phone theft each year.  

It’s a lucrative and relatively easy business for would-be thieves and it can leave a hefty financial hole in victims’ pockets.  

Whether or not you need mobile phone insurance really depends on how likely you are to lose or damage your phone. If you’re a multiple-dropper, for example, it’s worth thinking about whether or not you’d be able to afford to replace your phone if it’s uninsured and damaged beyond repair.

How much does mobile phone insurance cost?

That depends on the make, model and age of your mobile phone, as well as the insurance provider.  

Most phone networks offer their own insurance at an average cost of £3-9 per month, or up to £180 a year if you’re looking for speedy phone replacement. However, you could  get a better deal by simply adding it to your home insurance policy, although if you claim you might have to pay slightly more towards the claim (your excess).

Adding mobile phone insurance as an optional extra can cost as little as £30 per year and the vast majority of home insurance providers offer mobile phone/gadget insurance. But bear in mind that you’re likely to pay more for phone insurance if you’ve made claims on your policy previously.  

On the other hand, if you want mobile cover with the most extensive cover, then choosing a specialist mobile phone or gadget policy might be your best option. Many mobile providers offer this type of insurance. If you have a packaged bank account, then it’s worth seeing if you have mobile cover included in that, as it’s often offered as one of the benefits of these kinds of monthly-fee current accounts.  At the moment, you can’t compare standalone mobile or gadget insurance at Compare the Market.

I have more than one mobile phone. Can I insure them together?

Possibly, yes. Some insurance providers might stipulate that you insure each device separately but others offer multi-device cover, which usually comes at a discounted rate.

Where can I find mobile phone insurance?

If you’re thinking about adding phone insurance to your home insurance policy, Compare the Market can help. We’ll find you quotes from a range of UK insurance providers, in a matter of minutes, so you can choose the cover that’s right for you.  

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