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Grove & Dean Home Insurance

Grove & Dean are a family run insurance business. They aim to provide you home insurance cover that meets your needs, with a personalised service.
Home Insurance with Grove & Dean includes Home Emergency cover as standard with its buildings and contents policies. If you need to make a claim, you can phone their UK-based call centre for assistance on 01708 925 302.
Grove & Dean Home Insurance deal with a number of well-known insurance companies to help find the cover you need for your home.
The following benefits can be included in a buildings insurance policy. Everything on the list may not necessarily be included, so if there is a particular service that you need, then you should speak with an advisor at Grove & Dean.

Grove & Dean Home Insurance

Buildings insurance can include:

  • Subsidence cover
  • Damage to pipes
  • Damage to underground services
  • Tracing and Accessing leaks from pipework
  • Damage to garden contents
  • Loss of rent
  • Alternative accommodation – if your home is damaged by something that is covered under your policy such as a tree falling  through the roof, which makes your home unsafe to live in, you’ll be covered to live somewhere else until your property is repaired or safe enough for your return
  • Kennel fees – cover for your animals to put in a kennel or a cattery whilst you are living in alternative accommodation
  • Damage caused by the emergency services whilst gaining access to your home
  • Loss and theft of keys, includes replacing the locks and the issue of new keys

Home Contents insurance can include:

  • Food in your freezer
  • Plants in the garden
  • Money and credit cards at home
  • Accidental Damage of non-portable audio and visual equipment
  • Accidental Damage of glass, including mirrors, glass in furniture and ceramic hobs
  • Special events cover – to protect any extra valuables or provisions you may have in your home due to an event such as a wedding, a christening or a religious festival
  • Visitors belongings
  • Home office equipment – covers the items you use when you work from home, such as your computer, photocopier or fax machine
  • Contents at a student residence in the UK for a member of your family who is studying away from home
  • Contents cover whilst they are in transit when moving home
  • Matching sets – if you ruin a chair for example that is part of a three-piece suite and the chair can’t be repaired or replaced, your covered to purchase a whole new suite
  • Employee liability
  • Contents stored in a bank or at your place of work
  • Bikes stored at home

Terms and conditions will apply to the benefits you’re offered, so it’s important to check the policy wording before you purchase.

Grove & Dean also provide the following optional extras free of charge with your policy to give you wider cover:

  • Family Legal Protection – help and advice for legal problems such as disputes over goods and services, a personal injury claim or employment problems
  • Accidental Damage – if you break something whilst your cleaning it or you spill something on a piece of furniture, this cover will make sure you can replace the damaged item

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