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Countless UK home owners are choosing to protect their home and its contents with the help of reliable insurance from HomeProtect. Offering home insurance for a wide variety of property and personal circumstances, it’s definitely an insurance provider worth considering.


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What does HomeProtect buildings insurance cover?

HomeProtect standard buildings insurance will provide cover for up to £500,000 to rectify any damage caused to your home, garages, sheds and summer houses. It also promises alternative accommodation for you and your pets up to a maximum of £30,000 per claim.

HomeProtect buildings insurance also includes the following:

  • repair accidental damage to underground services – including sewerage, gas and water pipes and electricity cables
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  • cover for replacement keys – if your keys are stolen, your locks will be replaced, along with new keys
  • damage caused by the emergency services gaining access to your property
  • property owner’s liability – covers your liability as an owner or owner/occupier

What does HomeProtect contents insurance cover?

HomeProtect contents insurance covers the belongings in your home against loss or damage. In order to ensure full cover, make sure that you have specified your belongings where relevant.

HomeProtect contents insurance may also cover you for the following:

  • high risk items, laptops, bicycles, tablets and mobile phones,
  • loss or damage to digital media (up to £2,500)
  • personal possessions (protect you in the event of something happening to your most valuable possessions outside your home)
  • contents for students who are studying away from the home
  • plants and trees in the garden
  • special events – additional cover when you have a wedding or a religious festival for the extra contents and provisions you have at home
  • home office equipment – if you work from home this cover will protect your computer, photocopier and any other items you use
  • theft of keys – includes the locksmith’s call-out charges and the replacement of new keys
  • loss of rent – if your tenants can’t live in the home they rent from you because it has been damaged severely, you’ll be covered for the loss of rent
  • alternative accommodation – if you’re unable to stay in your home because something has happened. This cover will enable you to stay somewhere else until the problem is sorted out
  • personal liability – covers your liability as an owner or owner/occupier

Just make sure that you value the contents of your home accurately to get cover that suits your needs.

HomeProtect home insurance optional extras

You can bulk up your cover with additional Accidental Damage cover, Legal Expenses cover and Home Emergency cover if you wish.

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