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One Call home insurance

With over 23 years of experience, there’s no need to wonder why many UK home owners turn to OneCall for reliable home insurance. This is what you need to know about its offering. 


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What does One Call buildings insurance cover?

Storm? Fire? Vandalism? Riot? Flood? With OneCall buildings insurance you’re covered for all of these events and more. OneCall home insurance will also provide alternative accommodation coverand property owner’s liability coverto its policy holders.

As mentioned, OneCall buildings insurance also comes with freefamily legal coverand home emergency cover

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What does OneCall contents insurance cover? 

Protecting the structure of your home is important, but what about what’s stored inside? That’s where contents insurance from OneCall comes in. OneCall contents insurance offers cover for your possessions inside the home. This will protect against loss, damage and theft. 

It also comes standard with alternative accommodation cover,new for old replacement cover, freefamily legal coverand home emergency cover.

One Call home insurance optional extras

You may be able to make your home insurance policy with OneCall a little bit more comprehensive with the help of bicycle cover or personal possessions away from the home cover.  

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