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Quote Your Home Insurance

Quote Your Home is part of Thamesbank Insurance Services and they provide home and car insurance to their customers throughout the UK.

Quote Your Home, home insurance provides cover for buildings and contents, which can be purchased separately or together, for added convenience.

Home Insurance with Quote Your Home will give you insurance cover with some of the UK’s leading insurance providers, meaning that you could get the benefit of high level cover at an affordable price.

Terms and conditions will apply to the benefits you’re offered, so it’s important to check your policy wording before you purchase.

Quote Your Home Insurance

Cover you should look for with Quote Your Home Buildings Insurance:

  • Subsidence
  • Accidental damage to drain covers, pipes and cables underground
  • Oil or water leaks from domestic appliances or heating systems
  • Key cover -new keys and replacement locks if you lose your keys or they are stolen
  • Damage by the emergency services gaining access to your property

You should also be offered Accidental Damage cover, which you can purchase as an extra. This will protect you against damage caused by accident, such as drilling through a pipe whilst doing some DIY. 

Contents cover can vary from insurer to insurer, you may get all or only some of the benefits below, depending upon your insurer:

  • Accidental damage to home entertainment equipment
  • Temporary removal of contents – contents that are stored somewhere else instead of at home, either at work, or in a bank or in someone else’s home
  • Accidental damage to glass – glass in furniture, mirrors, hobs and cooker doors
  • Freezer contents
  • Money and cards
  • Home office equipment – computer, printer, fax machine and any other equipment you use whilst working from home
  • Loss of metered water
  • Contents outside – such as your patio furniture, ornaments or your barbecue
  • Deeds and other important documents
  • Key cover
  • Guest’s contents – if a person staying with you as a guest has their possessions stolen or damaged, you’ll have the cover to replace them
  • Student’s cover – whether in private accommodation or Halls of Residence, a member of your family who is studying away from home will have their contents covered
  • Special occasions –if you have extra value contents at home because of a special occasion, you will get extra cover for a limited period for events such as weddings or a religious festival
  • Alternative accommodation – if your home is too dangerous to live in because it has been damaged you are covered to live in alternative accommodation, as long as the damage to your property is covered within the terms of your insurance
  • Contents in transit – if you move, your contents are covered whilst they are being transported from your old home to your new one
  • Downloads – any data you have legally downloaded, such as music or films
  • Contents in outbuildings such as garages and sheds

Extra cover you may be offered, purchase and add on to your policy:

  • Bike cover – loss or damage to your bike whilst you are away from home
  • Legal Assistance – help when you need it with legal matters, such as neighbour disputes, a problem with shoddy workmanship or something at work
  • Home emergency cover- for peace of mind against unexpected events
  • Gadget cover – additional cover for your laptops, smart phones and tablets for example
  • Possessions away from home – cover for the things you take with you when you go on holiday or just out for the day, includes cameras, luggage, clothes and jewellery

Quote Your Home Insurance

Quote Your Home aims to provide a tailored solution to your home insurance needs. Get a Quote Your Home insurance quote today and see how much money you could save on your buildings and/or contents cover.

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