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RAC Home Insurance

The RAC was founded in 1897 and it is one of the UK’s best-known motoring organisations. They have a Head Office in Birmingham and provides home insurance and other financial services to their customers across the UK.


Home Insurance with the RAC has the option of both buildings and contents, which you can buy together or separately.


Terms and conditions will apply to the benefits you’re offered, so it’s important to check your policy wording before you purchase.

RAC Home Insurance

Buildings Insurance

Buildings insurance covers your house, the land you own with it and any outbuildings such as a garage or a shed. It will give you cover for damage caused by unexpected events such as a fire, a flood, damage caused by frost, falling trees, lightning, being hit by a vehicle and malicious damage. It also includes cover for theft, and some accidental damage.

Buildings Insurance cover includes:

  • Accidental damage to underground pipes and manhole covers
  • Accidental damage to fixed glass and bathroom suite
  • Trace and access underground leaks
  • Alternative accommodation – if your home is damaged by something that you are covered for, but you can’t stay in your home because it is dangerous, you can move out with your family to live in alternative accommodation
  • Locks and keys – to outside doors replaced if your keys are stolen
  • Plants in the garden
  • Loss of oil or water from a domestic appliance or a heating system

You can also add the following optional extras:

  • Home Assistance – if something happens at home which needs immediate attention such as a burst pipe or a blocked drain, this will give you cover for a tradesman to come to your home and fix the problem quickly
  • Family legal Protection - help with a variety of legal problems such as those concerning your home, at work or regarding goods you have purchased
  • Keycare – normally covers all the keys on your fob including keys to your car, or business premises
  • Accidental Damage – if you damage the structure of your home with a DIY disaster gone wrong, you’ll be covered for any necessary repairs or replacements
  • Digital downloads – cover for any films, music or other data you have downloaded legally

Contents Insurance 

Contents insurance covers all the things you have within your home such as carpets, curtains, clothes, pictures, furniture, bedding and your pots and pans. You are generally covered for the same events as you are with building cover, including theft and some accidental damage cover. 

Contents Insurance covers:

  • Food in your freezer
  • Temporary removal of contents – if your contents are somewhere away from home temporarily, such as at work or in someone else’s home
  • Accidental damage to home entertainment equipment
  • Student’s belongings – cover for the student in your family when they are studying away from home and living in private accommodation or in Halls of Residence
  • Visitor’s effects – if a visitor to your home has their possessions lost or stolen, you are covered to replace them
  • Contents in transit – if you are moving home and using a professional removal company, your contents are covered for the journey between your old home and your new one
  • Money and credit cards
  • Theft from outbuildings

Contents additions include:

  • Accidental Damage – covers you for mishaps such as spilt red wine on the lounge rug
  • Personal Possessions – items that you take with you when you’re away from home, including luggage, gadgets, clothes and jewellery

The RAC also provide breakdown cover, car, pet and travel insurance and more. If you would like your home insurance covered by an award winning company, get an RAC Home Insurance quote today.

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