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Saga Home Insurance

Saga is a well-known brand that tailors its products and services to the over 50s. Saga’s range of insurance products is designed specifically for their customers and is unique to them, and is provided by a number of insurers who all meet Saga’s high standards of quality and service.


Saga Home Insurance has a number of additional covers available to ensure you get the cover you need, and gives you the choice to tailor your insurance to suit your needs and your budget. They offer 2 levels of cover; Essential and Premier. They can also can provide cover if you require more than £100k contents via their TailorMade product.


Terms and conditions will apply to the benefits you’re offered, so it’s important to check your policy wording before you purchase.

Saga Home Insurance

Saga Essential Buildings Insurance includes

  • Alternative accommodation – somewhere for you and your family to stay if your home is uninhabitable following a claim, such as fire or flood.
  • Trace and Access - cover to locate the source of a water or oil leak within your home, including repair to walls, floors or ceilings damaged during the search.
  • Accidental damage - to fixed glass such as windows and your sanitary ware including your bath and sinks.
  • Emergency entry – damage to your home or the garden if the emergency services need to gain entry to your property.
  • Accidental damage - cover for any unintended and unexpected damage to cables, underground pipes and underground tanks servicing your home.
  • Replacement Locks – If your keys are lost or stolen anywhere in the world, they’ll fit new locks to your property.
  • Home owner’s liability – protects you as owner of your property in case of any injury to anyone on your property such as a workman tripping over a patio slab.

Saga Essential Contents Insurance includes:

  • New for old cover – if a damaged item cannot be repaired, they will provide a brand new one.
  • Accidental damage to your non-portable appliances – from your TV, your microwave, to your washing machine they’ll cover for any unintended and unexpected damage.
  • Optional Full Accidental Damage – cover for any sudden and unexpected damage such as spillages on a carpet or dropping your laptop on the floor.
  • Valuables in the home - no need to specify valuables, such as jewellery or paintings, that are worth less then £2,500
  • Metered water and oil – cover for an increase in your water or oil bill, following accidental damage to your water or heating installation.
  • Money and credit cards – cover if you lose personal money or suffer financial loss as a result of someone fraudulently using your credit card (if issued in the UK), anywhere in the world
  • Visitors belongings – cover for the personal belongings of friends or family that are staying with you, if they are stolen from your home. 
  • Food in your fridge and freezer – cover for the food or drink in the fridge and freezer in your home as a result of the failure of the unit or a power failure.
  • Liability to others – protects you as the occupier of your home or as an individual for an injury to another person, such as accidentally hitting someone with a ball whilst playing golf.

Premier cover also includes:

  • Matching pairs and sets – for example if you have a three piece suite, if they cannot repair or replace individual items to match, they will replace the whole set.
  • Accidental Damage caused by pets including scratching and denting.
  • Accidental damage – Covers you for accidents such as spilt red wine on the lounge rug, or a badly scratched wooden table.
  • Student cover – Cover for a member of your family who is away studying and living, either in a private home or in Halls of Residence.
  • Personal belongings – Covers you for the things you might take with you on a trip away from home, such as a camera, iPod, e-reader, or phone. 
what does saga insurance cover?

Saga’s TailorMade Insurance Cover

This bespoke cover will provide you with a higher level of cover and caters for properties that require more than £100,000 of contents cover or more than £1,000,000 of buildings cover.

Benefits include:

  • Worldwide cover for your valuables at no extra cost
  • Alternative accommodation cover for up to 3 years if you need to move out of your home as a result of a claim
  • £15,000 students’ contents included

Saga give you a wide choice of cover options with generous benefits. Apply for a Saga Home Insurance quote today to ensure that you have the protection you need against the unexpected

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