Quad bike insurance

Are quad bikes road-legal? Do I need insurance if I’m only using it off-road? We look at your insurance-based questions about riding an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). 

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What is quad bike insurance?

Because quads are non-standard, you can’t cover them under a regular motorbike insurance policy. This means you’ll need a specialist insurance policy to cover a quad bike. It can be difficult to find a provider to suit your needs, so you’ll have to shop around to find the best possible deal.

What does quad bike insurance cover?

Quad-bike insurance covers your ATV, or all-terrain vehicle, against theft and accidental damage. The policies can cover your quad both on and off the road and there are multiple levels of cover.

Do I need quad bike insurance?

If you plan on taking your quad bike on a public road, even for short or infrequent journeys, you’ll need to arrange third-party cover. You’ll also need to register your quad bike with the DVLA, tax it, and, if it’s more than three years old, make sure it has a valid MOT. 
The rules are slightly different for quad bikes used for agriculture. 

What types of quad bike insurance are there?

Road legal cover

If you’re taking out ‘road legal cover’ to drive your quad bike on public roads, then, like car insurance and motorbike insurance, quad-bike insurance is split into similar cover levels:

  • Third party only – the minimum legal requirement to drive on public roads, this covers damage you cause to other people and their property.
  • Third party, fire and theft – includes everything in a third-party policy and covers your quad bike if it’s stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Comprehensive – the most complete cover, includes everything in a third-party fire and theft policy, and can also protect you as a driver and damage to your quad.

Off-road cover

If you’re planning on driving your quad bike off road, then you might want to take out additional cover and explain to your insurance provider how and where you’ll be riding your quad bike.

If you’re only planning on driving your quad bike off road, you’re not legally required to insure it.

How much does quad bike insurance cost?

It’s difficult to say. Most quad bikes don’t meet road-safety standards and their features can vary greatly. Similarly, cover for agricultural use is very different to a policy designed to cover your ATV for use on the road. 

However, all premiums are affected by: 

  • The driver’s age – younger riders tend to pay more 
  • Where the quad bike is kept – like cars and motorbikes, it’s cheaper to insure a vehicle that’s parked or stored securely 
  • How the quad bike is used – working quads or those used in agriculture are more likely to get damaged 
  • Agreed mileage – setting a lower mileage limit could save money on your premium 
  • The quad bike itself – how powerful is the engine? Are there any smart security features? Can the quad bike take passengers? All these questions are taken into account. 

What extras can I add to my quad bike insurance?

Not all insurance providers can offer the same extras for your policy. But if you make some enquiries, you might be able to sort: 

  • Breakdown cover 
  • Equipment cover – for your leathers and helmet 
  • International cover – to take your quad bike abroad 
  • Motor legal protection – to cover legal costs if a driver makes a claim against you 
  • Multiple rider cover 
  • Personal accident cover 
  • Track day cover – if you damage your quad on a private track. 

Different types of quad bikes

Quad bikes can be split into several categories:

On-road quad bike

Designed to be driven legally on public roads, on-road quad bikes include things like mirrors, lights and even a horn. You must insure and tax these quad bikes to drive on the road.

Off-road quad bike

Off-road quadbikes are designed to traverse uneven terrain, like grass, mud, hills etc. They’re not designed to drive on roads, which means they can come without thigns like mirrors and lights.

Utility quad bike

As the name suggests, utility quad bikes can be used for various things, including towing trailers or other vehicles. They’re a sort of jack-of-all-trades quad bike.

Sports quad bike

Sports quad bikes are usually smaller than utility quads, because they’re designed for speed and jumps etc.

Frequently asked questions

What driving licence do I need to ride a quad bike?

To ride a quad bike on the road, you’ll need either a full car licence or a category B1 licence if it was issued before January 1997. 

Can I ride a quad bike on a motorbike licence?

You can only ride a quad bike with a full car licence or a category B1 licence, if it was issued before January 1997. Unfortunately, a motorbike licence won’t do. 

Can I carry passengers on my quad bike?

You can carry passengers on a quad bike as long as it’s designed to do so. If you’re unsure, you can check the vehicle handbook or the manufacturer’s website for more details. 

Are all quad bikes road-legal?

No. In fact, most quad bikes don’t meet the safety standards required to qualify for use on the road. 
You can check with the manufacturer if your bike is road-legal. If it isn’t, but you believe the bike meets the safety standard needed, you can apply for vehicle approval

Do I need to pay tax on a quad bike?

Only if you’re driving it on public roads. If you’re only driving it off road, you don’t need to tax your quad bike.

Do I need to insure a quad bike if I’m taking it off-road?

You only need to insure a quad bike if you plan on using it on public roads. You might choose to cover it anyway, to protect the bike against theft or damage and for added peace of mind. 
You can even register your quad bike to help find it if it gets stolen. 

Do I have to wear a helmet to ride a quad bike?

Although quad-bike drivers don’t have to wear helmets by law in England, Scotland and Wales, it is highly recommended. The same applies to your passengers, too. 

How do I compare quad bike insurance?

We don’t currently compare quad-bike insurance, although if you have a motorbike you want to insure, you can compare and find the right deal with us