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50cc bike insurance

Compare 50cc bike insurance from £326/year** & Meerkat Meals & Meerkat Movies*

Compare 50cc bike insurance from £326/year** & Meerkat Meals & Meerkat Movies*

Compare 50cc bike insurance from £326/year** & Meerkat Meals & Meerkat Movies*

Compare 50cc bike insurance from £326/year** & Meerkat Meals & Meerkat Movies*

Update your previous quote
Update your previous quote

Compare 50cc bike insurance from £326/year** & Meerkat Meals & Meerkat Movies*

**50% of people could achieve a quote of £326.00 per year for their 50cc bike insurance based on Compare the Market data in November 2019.

Why compare 50cc motorbike insurance with us?

A 50cc moped is a smart choice, particularly for young people who are looking for a bike that’s cheap to run - with low fuel, tax and insurance costs. From retro scooters to modern motorbikes, ensure you keep the costs down by comparing 50cc insurance deals.

There's nothing like the feeling of freedom you get from life on two wheels. Let us help you find the insurance you need to make the most of this.

Frequently asked questions

What is a 50cc bike?

If you're new to motorbikes, 50cc bikes have the smallest engines and are the first option for 16-year-old newbie riders looking for their own wheels. They come in both motorbike and scooter styles so you can choose the riding position you prefer. Because they have such a small engine, they can't go very fast, but they are incredibly economical. This also means their insurance policies could be lower than faster bikes with bigger engines.

I’ve only got a provisional licence. Can I get motorbike insurance?

As soon as you've got a provisional licence and you've passed Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), you can ride a 50cc motorbike – remember you're legally required to have L-plates though.

If you don't pass your full theory and practical tests, you'll have to re-take the CBT every two years – but you can still carry on riding (with the L-plates) and even rack up years of no-claims discount if you don't need to make a claim.

There is a downside though – because you're still classed as a learner driver, insurance providers will see you as a bigger risk on the road and you'll probably find that your insurance costs are higher. In the long run it might make better financial sense to get that full licence and throw away those L-plates.

What's usually included in 50cc motorbike insurance policies?

Different insurance providers include some things as standard while others make them add ons to a policy. Here are a few things to look out for when looking at different insurance quotes to check if they are included or not if they matter to you and your 50cc moped:

  • Breakdown cover – you'll be able to call for roadside assistance as a minimum if your bike breaks down and leaves you stranded.
  • Legal expenses insurance – if you're involved in a road accident and need to make a claim, or if a driver makes a claim against you, this could cover some or all of the legal costs.
  • No claims discount protection – you can choose to protect the number of years you've had no claims but it won't always mean that the price of your insurance policy doesn't increase following an accident even if you are not at fault.
  • Personal accident cover – you could get a lump sum that can help you if you find yourself in financial difficulties if you're injured in an accident. Cover levels vary by provider so think carefully about the level you need.
  • Helmet and leathers cover – this can insure your essential biker's gear if it's damaged in an accident and you need to repair or replace them.

Tips for lowering your insurance premium

Insurance costs can be steep, especially for first-time riders, but there are a couple of things you can try to get that cost down.

Add a higher voluntary excess – this is the amount you'll have to pay if you make a claim alongside any compulsory excess. Generally, the higher it is, the lower your insurance policy premium could be. But you need to make sure you can afford this if you do end up in and accident and have to claim.

Park in a garage – where you park can affect the cost of your insurance as it adds risk to your bike being stolen or damaged. Where possible, park on a private driveway or a locked garage.

Should I get third party or fully comprehensive insurance?

There are three different cover levels but the details can vary between providers so check carefully:

  1. Third party only – here you get cover for any damage you or any named drivers cause to a third party while you are riding your bike.
  2. Third party fire and theft – as well as third party cover also includes cover for fire damage, damage as a result of theft of your bike or if the bike is stolen.
  3. Comprehensive cover is the widest form of protection as it covers you for third party fire and theft and in addition any damage to your bike as the result of an accident.

Third party cover can be cheaper than fully comprehensive policies, which can be an advantage if your bike isn't worth very much – but make sure you check the price difference to see where you can get the best deal. But make sure you get the level of cover that you need.

What information do I need to get an insurance quote for my 50cc motorbike?

Before starting your quote, make sure you have details of:

  • the make and model of your 50cc motorbike or scooter – and the registration number, if you know it – these will be on your vehicle registration document
  • the year it was manufactured
  • any modifications after manufacture
  • the value of your motorcycle and the date you bought it, if applicable
  • how long you've had your motorbike licence and if it's full or provisional
  • any claims or convictions
  • any additional riders, including any claims and convictions they may have had
  • any special security devices you carry or have had fitted to your motorbike

We'll also ask for your name, address, marital status, employment status and email address.

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