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Bull Terrier insurance

Get a whole year of Meerkat Meals & Meerkat Movies*

Get a whole year of Meerkat Meals & Meerkat Movies*

Get a whole year of Meerkat Meals & Meerkat Movies*

Get a whole year of Meerkat Meals & Meerkat Movies*

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Update your previous quote

Get a whole year of Meerkat Meals & Meerkat Movies*

What makes Bull Terriers great pets?

Fun, energetic Bull Terriers make popular show dogs and family pets. They generally have great temperaments, although you may need to set some ground rules to get them living quietly at home with you. Having pet insurance for your Bull Terrier can help you enjoy your time with your pet without worrying about the cost of taking them to the vet.


Frequently asked questions

Do Bull Terriers have any known health conditions?

The Bull Terrier Club tries to keep the breed's health issues to a minimum, and hopefully your Bull Terrier will live a long and healthy life. But it's worth knowing that they can be prone to:

  • deafness
  • kidney and heart disease
  • heart disease
  • skin and coat disorders

What types of pet insurance policies are there?

There are four main types of pet insurance for dogs – for a quick summary see pet insurance:

What is third party pet insurance and do I need it?

Even if your Bull Terrier is a happy, docile dog, they can still get into trouble or fights. Third party pet insurance, also known as third party public liability insurance, covers you for the risks and consequences if your dog damages someone else's property or injures another person or dog.

What if my Bull Terrier is lost or stolen?

If you lose your Bull Terrier of it's stolen, it can be very upsetting and you'll want to do what you can to try to get your dog back. Some insurance providers will help here. Look for a policy that will offer a reward for finding your dog or help towards adverts and posters to help find your dog. Plus, you could get compensation if he or she isn't found.

Why should I compare pet insurance with Compare the Market?

We can tailor your pet insurance quote to your needs – just tell us about you and your Bull Terrier, and what type of cover you'd like. Once you've finished, we'll search a selection of the UK's pet insurance providers with a list of quotes in price order with the cheapest pet insurance quotes first.

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