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Bull Terrier insurance

Characteristics of a Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers have the most amazing appearance, with a long egg shaped head, pointy ears and a strong body on short legs. Although originally bred as a fighting dog, they're now known to have a lovely temperament, but may need to be set ground rules when it comes to living quietly in the home, as they are fun, energetic and quite determined. Originally bred in the 19th century, the Bull Terrier soon became a gentleman's companion. These days they're a popular show dog and of course as a family pet. Like most dogs they need plenty of exercise and don't like to be left alone all day. 

Health conditions

Bull Terriers obviously needed to be tough, but that hasn't stopped the breed developing a few health issues. The Bull Terrier Club attempt to keep these to a minimum and hope to eradicate them altogether over time, by encouraging owners to breed responsibly. Hopefully your Bull Terrier will live a long and healthy life, but it’s worth being aware that they can be prone to deafness, kidney and heart disease, knee problems and skin and coat disorders.

Protecting your pet

In no time our dogs become part of the family, and it’s hard to remember a time when they weren't around. We all want to do our best for our pets, and taking out good Bull Terrier insurance might give you some helpful peace of mind. Pet cover means that if your terrier does develop a health condition, or they're hurt in an accident, that you can take them to the vets without worrying about how much it will cost. 

You can opt for a lifetime policy if you want to make sure that any conditions they may develop are covered for life, there are annual limits but these are reinstated on renewal. Other options are Maximum Benefit, where there’s a limit to costs covered, or an annual policy, referred to as Time Limited. Time limited will only cover a condition for 12 months, at which point if they still need treatment you'll need to pay. Again, it’s probably best to check your policy for exact level of cover as they do vary with each provider.

Losing a dog or having it stolen can be heart-breaking, but some dog insurance policies will help you to find the dog by providing a reward for finding your dog or compensation if it's not found.

Another consideration when owning a dog is that sometimes the most placid of dogs can get themselves into a scrap with another.  So you may want to consider a policy that includes third party cover too.

Saving with pet insurance comparison

Let us help you compare pet insurance for your Bull Terrier. We can tailor it to your needs. Start a quote and tell us a bit about you and your dog, and what type of cover you'd like and it won't take long.

Don't worry if you can't find all the information, your quote will be saved and you can go back at any time to add or amend the details. Once you've finished we'll search a selection of the UK’s pet insurers and get back to you with a list of pet insurance quotes, that meet your needs, in price order with the cheapest first. There are filters that allow you to sort by policy type to make life easier. You can then sit down, (maybe with the dog at your side!) and decide which policy suits you both the best.

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