Staffordshire Bull Terrier insurance

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Staffordshire Bull Terrier insruance

Over recent years the Staffordshire Bull Terrier or Staffy for short has suffered some bad press. Although it's never even been on the Dangerous Dogs Act list there's always been a little confusion over this – mainly because some owners of banned dogs pretended that their dog was a Staffy to get round the Dangerous Dogs Act. Staffies are not known to be dangerous or violent and despite having originally been bred as a fighting dog, they're now a very much loved family pet. In fact, they're the third most popular dog in the UK.


Insuring your Staffordshire Bull Terrier early

There are many reasons why you should insure your dog. If you own a breed such as the Staffy that has an increased risk of developing conditions like cataracts or metabolic problems, you may want to consider insuring your dog as early in life as possible. As a general rule, pet insurance providers will only cover new conditions and not pre-existing ones. So if your Staffy develops a long term illness that will require constant medication and you're not already insured, you’re unlikely to be able to get that condition covered.  Which means, unfortunately, years of ongoing vet bills.


What kind of dog insurance is available?

There are four main types of dog insurance, but these can all vary in the small print, so make sure whichever insurance policy you take out you read all the terms, conditions, clauses and exclusions so you don't have a shock if you ever have to claim. The different levels are:


  • Accident only – This is the cheapest and the most basic and will only cover you for injuries and not illness.


  • Time limited – This is the most basic of illness cover. It will cover you for a set amount over the period of one year. If your dog still needs treatment for that condition after a year you will be responsible for the costs.


  • Maximum benefit – This cover will pay for vet fees for a certain amount with no time restraint. You may find some polices will state that this cover all conditions and other will cover you per condition.


  • Lifetime policy – This is the most comprehensive of cover. It will cover you for conditions throughout your dog’s life. You will have a yearly limit but that will be reset every time you renew your policy.


Compare pet insurance

We make pet insurance comparison easy. Start a pet insurance quote, we'll ask you some questions about you, your dog and what kind of cover you need. Once you're finished we'll search pet insurance providers for the best insurance quotes to meet your needs and then we'll summarise them for you. All you have to do is decide which Staffordshire Bull Terriers insurance suits you best.