We’re a nation of feline fans who love cats of all shapes and sizes. But, however much we love all the pretty kitties, some breeds seem to have more of a place in our hearts than others.

We’ve been trawling Instagram looking at the various cat breeds (we know, tough job, right?) and their hashtags to find out once and for all which breed is the all-time favourite! Who is the ultimate top cat?

So, let’s just take a paws on whatever you are doing, and… look at some cats for a while. Where does your favourite breed rank?

Key: Breed Total count

The most popular cats on Instagram - Ranked



Total count

Methodology & Source:

Using a list of cat breeds we searched for the three most used hashtags for each, using only those hashtags which are predominantly used to tag the cat breed. All hashtag counts correct as of March 2020. A full list of cats & hashtag counts here.