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Which dogs shed the least?

Pet hair can be troublesome to keep on top of at home, and insufferable to live with if you have allergies. Some dog breeds shed less than others, however – and it’s not always the long-haired breeds that moult the most. Read our guide to the dogs that shed the least...

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Which dog breeds shed the least?

If you’re looking for minimal shedding, these dog breeds come out on top:

Split 1
Small dogs Medium dogs Large dogs
Bedlington Terrier Hungarian Puli Bouvier des Flandres
Bichon Frise Irish Water Spaniel Giant Schnauzer
Bolognese Portuguese Water Dog Komondor
Chinese Crested Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Russian Black Terrier
Coton de Tulear Spanish Water Dog  
Dandie Dinmont Terrier Standard Mexican Hairless  
Glen of Imaal Terrier Standard Poodle  
Intermediate Mexican Hairless    
Lagotto Romagnolo    
Lhasa Apso    
Miniature Mexican Hairless    
Miniature Poodle    
Miniature Schnauzer    
Sealyham Terrier    
Shih Tzu    
Tibetan Terrier    
Toy Poodle    
Yorkshire Terrier    

Is a no shedding dog low maintenance?

You’ll find less hair around the house and in the air, but you’ll need to pay more attention to grooming your dog

Dogs that don’t shed as much need to be clipped or stripped as they usually have a thicker undercoat. This means they need a bit more help getting rid of excess hair, as it doesn’t shed naturally. If dogs aren’t regularly groomed, their hair ends up matting – which can become smelly, itchy and potentially cause serious health problems. 

Which dog breeds are best for allergies?

Dog breeds that shed less are often labelled ‘hypoallergenic’. But if you’re looking for a dog with minimal shedding because you have pet allergies, it’s worth knowing that you’re actually allergic to pet dander or saliva, not pet hair.  

Dander is made up of dead skin cells that, and the amount of dander a dog produces depends on the breed. German Shepherds have dry skin and produce a lot of dander, but Schnauzers produce minimal dander. A Labradoodle’s curly hair reduces the number of allergens picked up from outside.  

Keep dander and allergen levels down in your home by:

  • regular dog bathing and grooming 
  • washing your dog’s bed and blankets
  • keeping your dog off the bed and out of the bedroom at night
  • brushing your dog outside

Where can I get dog insurance?

Once you’ve found the dog breed for you, don’t forget to make sure you’re covered with the right pet insurance. It can give you peace of mind that your dog’s health – and your finances – are protected.

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