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Tips for insuring a rescue dog

It’s official, dogs are the nation’s favourite four-legged friend – there are 8.5 million pet dogs in the UK living in nearly a quarter of all households. But sadly, not all dogs are pampered pooches. Around 100,000 dogs are abandoned each year in Britain, costing charities and the taxpayer about £57 million. So, if you’ve chosen to give a rescue dog a good home – thank you. But don’t forget all the other important bits about dog ownership like microchipping your dog and getting pet insurance.

Bringing home a rescue dog

When you bring your new dog home for the first time, it can be hard to contain your excitement. But for your rescue dog, it can be an anxious time, afterall they’ve probably only met you a few times at the animal shelter and some of them won’t have any experience of being part of a caring home with owners who’ll look after them.

So, to help you rescue dog settle in as smoothly as possible, consider these top tips:

  • There’s no need to constantly pet or stroke your dog – we get it, they’re lovely and soft and you want to make up for their past experiences, but some dogs won’t like being handled so much and you could inadvertently cause more stress.
  • Do praise them when they follow commands like sitting when told to – it’ll establish a relationship between you and also make them work for your attention and develop their confidence.
  • Don’t over-stimulate them with lots of people or take them to exciting new places – it’ll be like making someone drink five cups of coffee back to back – too much stimulus can bring on stress and anxiety.
  • Let your dog explore quietly and in their own time to start with, let them take it all in and get used to the new sights and smells.
  • Be clear from day one about house rules, such as no dogs upstairs or on the sofa.

What do I need to know about insuring my rescue dog?

Whilst at the animal shelter, your rescue dog would have undergone a medical, highlighting any health conditions and also establishing an approximate age. You’ll need to disclose all of this information to the insurance provider when you take out a policy because it’ll influence the price of your premium. It’s important to be upfront and honest with your provider, any withholding of information could mean your policy’s invalid.

Getting pet insurance for your rescue dog doesn’t have to be expensive. Fifty per cent of customers comparing the market policies from just £2.99** a month. Considering that even common dog injuries can be expensive to treat, a few quid a month is a bargain.

Tips for insuring a rescue dog
What about older rescue dogs pet insurance?

What about older rescue dogs pet insurance?

As a dog gets older, you’ll find insurance premiums increase – on average insuring a dog aged nine will cost twice as much as a dog aged one. Just as with people, older dogs are more likely to have accidents or need medical attention simply due to old age which is why you’ll find your premiums increase.

If you do have an older dog then you might want to consider insurance policies that include dental cover too – as your pooch gets on in years, they’re more likely to get problems with their teeth (dog dentures anyone?)

Love your dog – start comparing

So whether yours a posh pedigree or mighty mongrel, if you love your dog, you’ll want the best for them and that means making sure they get the medical treatment they need, when they need it. And with vet bills increasing by around 12% every year, can you really afford not to search for pet insurance?


**50% of people can achieve a premium of £2.99 a month based on August 2017 cheapest premiums.