As the saying goes, 'A dog is for life, not just for Christmas' and so we wanted to highlight the level of investment that potential dog owners need to consider before bringing home a new pup. Working with veterinary practitioner, Emma Milne, you can now find out how much you should be prepared to invest annually and across your dog's lifetime*.

Costs have been split across several financial factors; the initial purchase price, food, pet insurance, kennel fees, treats and toys, vet bills and grooming. We have also outlined the minimum exercise time required for an adult dog, but this is by no means the only time  you need to commit when owning a pup.

Whilst it’s important to understand just how much a dog can cost, always remember that life with a dog is absolutely priceless!

Click on the hotspots below, to find the individual costs for your own dog.

*Please note that the lifetime cost does not include the initial purchase price of your dog, and the annual cost is based on the first year of buying and owning a dog.

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