Compare travel insurance for France

Compare travel insurance for France

At a couple of hours away on the train, France might seem close by – but if you’re one of the 17 million Brits who visit every year, you should definitely consider getting travel insurance for your trip.

Wouter Van Rijn From the Travel team
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What should I consider when choosing travel insurance for France?

While a general European travel insurance policy will cover you for France, you’ll want to match it to your needs. Here are a few things to think about when you compare France travel insurance:

  • Winter sports: If you’re hitting the French Alps for a spot of skiing or snowboarding, be aware that most insurance providers consider these sports high-risk activities. They usually won’t be covered by a standard travel insurance policy. You’ll probably have to bolt-on an extra layer of protection. Find out more about winter sports cover.  
  • Cancellation: If you have a valid reason for not being able to go on your trip – such as illness – you’ll be able to claim your costs back if you have cancellation cover for the full value of your break. Think about flights, ferry or train tickets, hotels and pre-booked activities when deciding how much cover you need.
What should I consider when choosing travel insurance for France?
  • Holiday protection: If your tour operator or holiday provider goes bust, leaving you stranded, make sure your travel insurance has you covered. If your holiday provider is with the ATOL scheme, you’ll have some protection if they go bust – but it’s not a substitute for travel insurance. Find out more about ATOL protection.
  • Baggage and belongings: Think about the contents of your suitcase, including your phone, tablet, jewellery, make up and clothes. It adds up quickly. Make sure your policy has enough baggage cover for all of it.

I'm driving to France – what other insurance cover do I need?

If you are taking your own car then you'll need car insurance to cover you. Some car insurance policies offering European cover have a limit on the number of days that you're covered for – it could be a continuous limit or an overall number of days in a year. If this isn't included then you'll need European driving insurance.

Drivers may also wish to consider breakdown cover in case they have car trouble. Check the policy details so it includes what you want in addition to roadside assistance. For example, do you want your vehicle to be brought back to the UK if it can't be repaired. See what you need to consider and compare European breakdown cover

Does France travel insurance include terrorism cover?

It’s not nice to think about, but France has been the focus of terrorist attacks in the past. Particularly if you’re visiting Paris, you might want to take a quick look at our information on terrorism and travel insurance.

Do I need a visa to go to France?

If you’re a British citizen you can stay in France without a visa for up to three months – anything more than that and you’ll need to apply for one at the French Embassy

Make sure your passport is valid for as long as your stay. 

Do I need a visa to go to France?

Any other tips for travelling in France?

There’s not too much to worry about if you decide to visit one of our closest neighbours, but here are a few things it’s nice to know.

Currency: The Euro (€). Check in with your bank and make sure you’re aware of ATM and card charges overseas before you go.

Language: French, of course! English is widely spoken in big cities, but if you speak some French people will appreciate you making the effort. 

Vaccines: If you’re up to date with your jabs, you should be ok but you should see your doctor at least four weeks before you go away, just to make sure you’re in tip top shape.

Tipping: All restaurants and bars include a 15% service charge so you don’t have to leave anything more. But if you thought your service was particularly good then tips are very welcome.

Any other tips for travelling in France?

Compare France travel insurance

Just tell us what you need and we’ll compare the market to make sure you get the right level of cover for you and your trip. Bon voyage!

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