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Over 70s Travel Insurance quotes

Your retirement is a chance to travel round the world, exploring countries you’ve never been to before. Or perhaps you’d prefer to revisit tried and tested favourites?

Whatever tickles your fancy, over 70s travel insurance is designed to protect you wherever you choose to go. And while getting the right cover can seem complicated it needn’t be.

You’ve taken the right first step by coming to us. If you’re over 70, we’ll help you find the right travel insurance for your trip, wherever you plan to jet off to.


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What policy details should I be aware of?

The first thing to take note of when you begin comparing travel insurance policies is that some insurers only offer annual policies up to a certain age. If you’re over 70 it can be more difficult to get travel insurance cover. However, there are providers that are more than happy to quote. That’s why going to our comparison service is a much easier way to get a selection of quotes.

Over 70s travel insurance usually costs a smidge more than a standard travel insurance. But there is good news: travel insurance for the over 70s sometimes offers extra benefits that aren’t normally offered with standard travel insurance, such as additional emergency and medical cover. Make sure you check individual policy details as these can vary by provider.

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Travel insurance for over 70s and pre-existing medical conditions

When comparing insurers you’ll be asked a number of questions regarding your health. This is so providers can determine what kind of cover you need. It’s important you declare any pre-existing medical conditions for example, diabetes or heart conditions, when you apply for your over 70s travel insurance so your insurer is aware of it and you're given the right cover.

Don't worry if you do have any pre-existing medical conditions or if you're currently taking any medication. There are plenty of travel insurance policies out there that have been specifically designed to cover adventurers over the age of 70 with health conditions. 


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What over 70s travel insurance should I go for?

That depends on whether this is a one-trip holiday or whether you'll be making several jaunts in a year. If it’s a one-trip holiday, you should go for the single-trip policy when applying for your over 70s travel insurance. If you're planning on taking several trips this year then it will be worthwhile getting an annual policy as this has been designed to cover more excursions.

The next thing to think about is where you’re going: are you off to a destination in the UK, in Europe or worldwide? This will also be asked when you’re comparing over 70s travel insurance online to make sure you get the right cover. Though this bit may seem straightforward, make sure to double check before you book; some insurers will classify countries such as Egypt or Turkey as ‘Europe’ and cover them under their European policies, whereas some don’t. What you don't want to do is end up buying a worldwide policy unnecessarily or not having the right cover in place.

Compare travel insurance for over 70s

Use our travel insurance comparison tool to take a look at the all the over 70s travel insurance policies that we have available to you. Simply enter your details – including any medical conditions you have – and in just a few minutes you’ll have your pick of the bunch.  It means you can start planning your worldwide trip or weekend away with complete peace of mind.

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