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The American auto market is an increasingly attractive option for people looking to buy a car. Gone are the gas guzzlers of the past – the focus of American cars now is firmly on hybrid and renewable energy. But what will buying an American car mean for your car insurance?

Daniel Hutson From the Motor team
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Do I need special insurance for an American car?

As a general rule, insurance for an American import is the same as for a British car, but there may be some specific requirements due to the availability of replacement parts.  

Some parts may need to be imported if they’re hard to find in the UK, particularly if you own a classic car.  

Insurance providers will also look at:

  • The purchase price of your American car
  • The car’s insurance group 
  • Your age – depending on the car and insurance provider, you may need to be at least 25 years old to get insurance 
  • The size and performance of the engine
  • The car’s ability to conform to UK or European specifications 
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What is a grey imported car?

An imported car from outside the EU is often referred to as a grey import. These cars, although complying with their own countries’ standards, may not conform to European regulations. Some American cars may fall into the category of grey imports.

Can I get insurance for a grey imported car?

Yes, but with many grey imports fitted with high performance engines, enhanced suspension, upgraded electronic systems and modifications, you may find premiums are higher than you expect. It’s always a good idea to check with your insurance provider before you buy.

How can I reduce the cost of my American car insurance?

Keep in mind that the cheapest policy might not be the right option for you. We’ll show you a range of quotes, from the cheapest to the most expensive, so make sure you check the details to see which best suits your needs.

There are many different ways of helping to reduce the cost of your car insurance:

  • Park securely – American cars are considered high-value targets for car theft 
  • Be a safe and careful driver – this can help build up your no claims discount and reduce your premiums
  • Investigate whether you can remove any non-UK modifications, as these could increase the cost of your premium
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Where can I find great-value cover for an American car?

We can help. While some insurance providers may be reluctant to quote for an American car, if you use our comparison service we’ll show you which providers will offer you a policy.  

Providers may also require a Single Vehicle Approval Test to make sure your car meets UK environmental and safety regulations.  

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