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The American auto market is fast becoming an attractive option for people looking to purchase a car. American cars are no longer the gas guzzlers of the past, and with their focus firmly on hybrid and renewable energy, many people are now looking across the pond when considering their new purchase.

What are the implications of imported cars?

Whilst at first glance this may seem very appealing, it is important to take into account the difference between American and European models when choosing your car insurance. As we all know, insurance is a major consideration when purchasing a new car and all factors need to be taken into account.

These can be many and varied. Insurance companies will not just be looking at the purchase price, but also things such as the insurance group, availability of parts and the cost of these items in the event of an accident.

Many of the newer American models rely on the latest technology in electric power; this however comes at a price. No longer will you be able to pop down to your local garage for a quick fix, you will need to find a specialist garage.

Finding parts for your American car may be expensive and time consuming, as many of these may have to be imported from the states. All this will only add more expense to owning an American car and will be reflected in your insurance premium.

imported car from USA needs UK car insurance

What insurance do I need for an American car?

As a general rule the same type of insurance for a British car would apply to an American import but it may have some specific requirements due to the availability of replacement parts. Remember, that some parts may need to be imported if they’re hard to find in the UK, particularly if you own a 'classic'.

Age will also play a key point for your American import, as you may need to be 25 years old to obtain insurance. This may not always be the case, as some insurance companies may offer you a policy, but this may result in a higher premium.

Not only will your age be taken into account, other things such as the size and performance of the engine as well as the car’s ability to conform to UK or European specifications are factored in.

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Can I get insurance for a grey imported car?

Importing a car from outside the EU is often referred to as a grey import. These cars, although complying with their own countries standards, may not conform to European regulations. Some American cars may fall into the category of grey imports.

You may find that some grey imports are fitted with high performance engines, enhanced suspension and upgraded electronic systems and modifications. Although making these cars more exciting to drive, it also increases the risk to the insurer and could result in higher premiums.

Whilst some insurers may be reluctant to offer a quote, if you use our comparison service we will show you which providers will offer you a policy. Should an insurer offer you cover they may still require a “Single Vehicle Approval Test” to ensure your car meets UK requirements.

How can I reduce the cost of my imported car insurance?

Keep in mind that the cheapest policy is not always the best option. Just because a company offers imported car insurance, do not assume that it is the cheapest or even the best policy for you. There are many different ways of keeping costs down.

Imported cars are considered high value targets for car theft, so ensuring you park is securely is a good start to help you along this path. Just being a safe and careful driver, will help you build up a history of competent driving, which in turn will improve your no claim discount, thereby helping to reduce your premiums.

It may also be worth investigating if you can remove any non-UK modifications, as modifications will increase the cost of your premium.

Where can I get the best insurance cover for an American car?

So, having weighed up all the pro’s and con’s about buying an American import and deciding to proceed, you now need to know where to get that all important insurance cover for your new pride and joy. This is where our comparison service can be of benefit. A small amount of time doing some research now could give you more time later.

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