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*** Based on online independent research by Consumer Intelligence during May 2018. 50% of consumers could achieve a saving of up to £274.51 on their motor insurance premium with Compare the Market

Ford car insurance

Reliable, practical, and not bad in the looks department; Ford cars have been topping the bestseller lists since the 1970s. From fresh on the road youngsters to long time drivers, the brand’s flagship models offer something to appeal everyone; with run around models like the petite Ka and the ever-popular Fiesta, to more family-sized cars like the Ford Focus, Escort, and Mondeo.

Whether you’re considering a used Ford or opting for a glossy new Galaxy Titanium X with all the trimmings, insurance is one of the first things you’ll need to consider.

Are Ford cars affordable to insure?

The brainy innovator of the moving assembly line, Henry Ford had a vision to make car ownership practical and affordable for everyone. These days that’s still a possibility for Ford owners, providing they’re getting the right insurance at the right price.

The cost of insuring your vehicle is calculated taking into consideration many factors such as; your driving history, your age, where you live, and the type of car you’re driving. Vehicles are grouped into ABI (Association of British Insurers) categories ranging from groups 1-50, with a lower number usually indicating a lower insurance cost.

Ford’s most sought after cars are the Fiesta, the Focus, the Ka, and the Mondeo. On average, these cost £814.82 (Fiesta), £675.96 (Focus) and £572.66 (Mondeo) per year to insure.*

*Based on Compare the Market data from May 2018.
compare ford car insurance

What to consider when insuring your Ford

The lowest quote doesn’t always mean the best deal – you’ll want something that ticks all your other boxes too.

Important questions you should be asking while you’re looking for car insurance for your Ford car includes:

  • What doesn’t your insurer cover? Sometimes things like windscreen damage aren’t included in your policy as standard, or come as optional extras.
  • Are there conditional discounts available? Details such as where you keep your car can occasionally affect the cost of your insurance. Parking in a driveway or garage will usually make your insurance cheaper than if you parked in the street.
  • Is there a limit to your yearly mileage? Most drivers travel less than 9000 miles a year.
  • Does your insurer offer a courtesy car if yours is off the road? A hire car can sometimes be a costly solution.
  • Does the insurance company offer no claims bonuses? Every year that you are driving without making a claim on your insurance you could be earning no claims discount which will help to lower your premium. 

New Drivers

A fixture on many ‘top ten’ car charts, the Ford Fiesta is the vehicle of choice for many fresh-faced drivers. Alongside its dashing good looks and ease of drive, the bog standard 1.25-litre model is cheap to run too.

Because young inexperienced drivers fall into the highest risk categories however, premiums can get pricey. An effective way to help cut your costs if you’re a nifty driver is to consider black box insurance.

Black box (telematics) insurance involves fitting a small GPS device to your car, or downloading an app to your phone, which measures a variety of statistics related to your driving style. These statistics range from your acceleration speed and cornering abilities, to the types of roads you use and what time you drive. The gathered information paints a detailed picture of your driving ability for your insurer, which allows them to provide you with a personalised premium, rather than a statistical one.

Some insurerance providers also offer their customers regular personalised driving advice, delivered via handy smartphone apps. This allows you to identify areas where your driving needs to improve, potentially cutting the cost of your Ford insurance even more.

Whether you’re a new or experienced roadster however, it’s worth shopping around to find the perfect policy for you. 50% of our customers could save up to £274.51** on their motor insurance, so grab a quote for your Ford car insurance today and make sure you’ve got the best deal for you.

**Based on Compare the Market data from May 2018.

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