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BT Sport has bagged the rights to some of the biggest sporting events in the world. As a serious sports fan, you wouldn’t want to be without it. But how much does it cost and how do you go about getting it? Read our guide to help you find the best deals for BT Sport.

BT Sport has bagged the rights to some of the biggest sporting events in the world. As a serious sports fan, you wouldn’t want to be without it. But how much does it cost and how do you go about getting it? Read our guide to help you find the best deals for BT Sport.

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Posted 9 OCTOBER 2020

What’s on BT Sport?

BT Sport is the home of the UEFA Champions League and other world-class professional sport across four channels, available in standard and high definition. As well as top-flight European football, BT Sport hosts Premier League fixtures too. And if you’re not a football fan, there’s Premiership rugby, WWE, UFC, boxing and MotoGP, plus American favourites like the NBA, Major League Baseball and many more. Along with Sky Sports, it’s one of the true heavyweights of sports TV.

How can I watch BT Sport?

If you’re a BT broadband customer, you can pay an additional fee each month to access the BT Sport App. You can live-stream BT Sport from your laptop, smartphone or tablet and take your favourite sports wherever you go, and even watch while you’re on the move.

You can use the BT Sport app on the following devices:

  • Apple TV 4th generation and above
  • Samsung smart TV 2015 models and newer
  • Playstation PS4 and PS4 Pro
  • Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Xbox One S
  • Apple mobile and tablet devices running iOS 9 or newer
  • Android mobile and tablet devices running OS 4.4 (Jelly Bean) or newer
  • Windows smartphones and tablets running Windows 10

If you want to watch BT Sport on your TV, you’ll have to pay more to add the channels to your TV package.

If you’re a BT TV customer, BT Sport may be included as part of your TV package and, if not, you’ll be able to add it for a monthly fee. Most other TV providers, including Sky, Virgin Media, TalkTalk and Plusnet will let you add BT Sport to your TV package for a monthly fee. However, you might have to pay a one-off activation fee.

Can I watch BT Sport on Sky TV?

If you have Sky TV, you can opt to pay extra each month to subscribe to the BT Sport channels. You can expect a small discount if you’re also a BT Broadband customer. To subscribe, you’ll need to register through BT’s website - but it’s a fairly straightforward process.

Can I get BT Sport and Sky Sports in the same package?

Yes, Virgin Media offers BT Sport and Sky Sports in one handy package. Otherwise, if you’re a Sky TV or TalkTalk TV customer, you can still add BT Sport to a package that includes Sky Sports, but you’ll need to do this through BT directly.

Now TV is the only provider that doesn’t offer subscriptions to BT Sport.

Is BT Sport free for BT Broadband customers?

BT Sport isn’t included as part of BT’s standard broadband offer, but you can add it for an additional monthly cost. This is usually the cheapest option for watching BT Sport.

But with so many broadband providers competing for your cash, you might find that you can make a bigger saving overall by shopping for deals on your TV and broadband.

Depending on the package you choose, if you subscribe to BT TV this will often include the BT Sport channels. But it may not be the best deal when you look at the bigger picture, so it’s worth comparing what’s available.

How much does BT Sport cost?

The cost of BT Sport depends on:

  • your current TV and broadband providers
  • whether you’re willing to switch to get a better deal
  • which devices you want to use
  • if you want standard or high definition

Many providers, including BT, Sky, Virgin Media, Plusnet and TalkTalk, have TV and broadband packages that include BT Sport. So shop around before you settle on one, to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your needs.

And perhaps consider switching your provider if there’s a saving to be made. Remember that if you’re tied in to a contract with your existing provider, it’s likely that you’ll have to pay an early exit charge, so factor that in when you work out any saving.

What’s the cheapest way of getting BT Sport?

Normally, the cheapest way of watching BT Sport is by adding the extra channels to your BT Broadband package. But even if you’re already a BT Broadband customer, tagging it on to your broadband means you’ll only ever be able to watch it on the app.

Although BT Sport is included as standard in some BT TV packages, they’re not necessarily the cheapest TV options available. A good way to check if you’re getting the best value for the TV you want is to compare what’s available.

Where can I find offers and deals on BT Sport?

You might be able to find a great deal that includes BT Sport by combining your TV and broadband packages.

We can help. We compare TV and broadband packages for you, to help find you the best deals on BT Sport.

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