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What’s the cost of insurance for an old house?

What’s the cost of insurance for an old house?

Find out how the age of your house can affect your home insurance. Read our guide to discover how much home insurance premiums can differ for an older house.

David Edbrooke
Sub editor
minute read
posted 26 FEBRUARY 2020

Does house age affect home insurance? 

The age of your home can affect the cost of your home insurance.  
Many insurance providers consider older properties to be a higher risk. Old plumbing, wiring and roofing can increase the likelihood of you needing to make a claim.  
Period properties, Victorian and Edwardian-era houses for example, can typically cost more to repair. That’s because sourcing and replacing materials can be more expensive.

What other factors could affect the cost of insuring an old house? 

You’ll be asked the date your house was built when you get a home insurance quote. But no matter what the age of your property, there are other factors that can affect the cost of your home insurance. These include: 

To avoid being underinsured, you’ll need to insure your house against the rebuild cost, not its market value. If you own a listed period property built with original materials, this could end up being higher.  
To find out if your house is listed, you should contact the relevant heritage body for your country: 

  • England – English Heritage 
  • Scotland – Historic Scotland 
  • Wales – Cadw 
  • Northern Ireland – Northern Ireland Environment Agency 

How can I reduce the cost of home insurance for my old house? 

Although you may have to pay more for home insurance than you would for a standard, new brick-built house, there are still ways to help cut the cost of your premium. For example, you could: 
Improve security 
There’s a lot you can do to boost security without ruining the look and character of your old house. A burglar alarm, and door and window locks could all lessen the risk of being burgled.  
Buy a combined policy 
Combining building and contents insurance in one policy can work out cheaper. 
Fire safety 
Smoke detectors on thatched roof properties are advisable for your safety.  
Keep on top of maintenance 
Regular maintenance can ensure small issues don’t turn into expensive disasters. Clear guttering and drains, and check for any signs of damp and mould to keep your home in a good state of repair.  
Shop around 
Shopping around is a great way to find a better home insurance deal. Don’t just consider price alone. You’ll want to make sure you’re getting a level of cover that suits the needs of an older house.  

How can I compare home insurance for an old house? 

Use our price comparison tool to compare a range of insurance deals for your older property.  
Just answer a few questions and within minutes you’ll receive a list of suitable quotes to choose from.  
Compare home insurance today and see if you could save on your next premium.  

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