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Helmet and leathers cover

Choosing the perfect headgear, boots and other protective clothing helps you feel safe and comfortable when you’re out riding your pride and joy.

Protect your cherished accessories by adding helmet and leathers cover to your motorcycle insurance.

Choosing the perfect headgear, boots and other protective clothing helps you feel safe and comfortable when you’re out riding your pride and joy.

Protect your cherished accessories by adding helmet and leathers cover to your motorcycle insurance.

Written by
Julie Daniels
Motor insurance comparison expert
7 JULY 2021
4 min read
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What is helmet and leathers cover? 

Helmet and leathers cover is a type of insurance that can help you cover the cost of replacing your motorbike gear if it gets damaged in a motorcycle accident.

A good set of leathers and a quality helmet that meets safety standards could set you back hundreds of pounds, so they're worth protecting. Even the most minor accidents can cause costly damage, which is why many motorcyclists choose to protect their riding kit alongside their bike.


Is helmet and leathers cover standard on bike policies? 

Even though helmets and leathers can be expensive to replace, most motorbike insurance providers don’t offer cover for protective riding gear as standard. 

More often than not, helmets and leather cover is classed as an optional extra that can be added to your main motorcycle insurance policy for an additional fee. There will usually be a small compulsory excess, which is the amount you’ll have to pay towards a claim you make on your insurance.

What's included with helmet and leathers cover? 

If your biking gear is damaged in an accident, helmet and leathers insurance should help to cover the cost of repairing or replacing your accessories. It will typically cover your: 

  • helmet – even if there are no obvious signs of damage, your helmet should be replaced after an accident as its strength could be weakened.
  • leather clothing – leathers feature protective armour at key points, including the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, and can get scuffed in an accident.
  • non-leather motorcycle clothing – polices also cover hard-wearing materials other than leather, like Kevlar and Cordura.
  • riding boots – sturdy footwear can prevent injuries to the lower leg area.
  • protective gloves – if you have an accident, the chances are you’ll put your hands out to break your fall, so your gloves could get damaged.
  • helmet camera – some insurance providers now also cover cameras that attach to your helmet, primarily to film bad driving.

What isn't covered by helmet and leathers cover? 

Helmet and leathers policies vary from provider to provider but, in general, they won’t cover you for:

  • damage to a passenger’s helmet or clothing
  • theft (if your biking gear is stolen, you won’t receive an insurance payout)
  • accidental damage caused by anything other than a road accident
  • damage caused by competitive off-road or track-day driving
  • general wear and tear 

It’s also worth noting that many helmet and leather policies only cover your gear up to a certain amount, for example £1,000.

How much does helmet and leathers cover cost? 

Helmet and leathers protection will normally cost you around £30 to £45 a year, depending on your level of cover.

Calculate how much your gear is worth in total and make sure you have enough cover for everything you want to protect. Levels of cover typically start at around £750 and all the way up to more than £1,500. This can vary though, with some policies offering less or more than these amounts.

Receiving a payout after a motorcycle accident can help you get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Frequently asked questions

Is wear and tear covered?

No, damage caused by wear and tear won’t be covered in a helmet and leathers policy. And, as a general point, most helmet manufacturers recommend replacing your headgear every five years or so, as helmets can deteriorate over time. Helmets are also designed to bear the brunt of an impact only once, so you should always replace your lid if you’re involved in a crash.

Am I covered if my motorbike gear is stolen?

No, if someone steals your biking equipment, you’re not likely to be insured. If you want your motorcycle gear covered for theft, you could think about adding it to your home insurance policy under personal possessions outside the home. Bear in mind, though, that there’s usually an excess to pay and making a claim could affect any no-claims bonus you have on your home insurance.

Will a helmet and leathers claim affect my no claims bonus?

Claiming for damage to your protective riding gear on your motorbike insurance won't usually affect your no claims discount. But providers do each set different rules, so it’s always best to check your policy documents to be sure.

What do you legally have to wear on a motorbike in the UK?

By law, you must wear a helmet that meets British safety standards when you’re riding a motorcycle or moped on the road. You can see approved helmets and how much protection they offer on the government's Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme (Sharp). Visors and goggles must also meet British safety standards, if you use those.

Apart from that, there’s no law on the type of clothing you must wear while out riding. But common sense dictates that jeans and a T-shirt probably aren’t the best idea, as they’re unlikely to give you adequate protection if you’re involved in an accident. Specialised riding gear could save your life one day, so it's worth putting some serious thought into your get-up.

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