Which type of motorbike insurance is right for me?

There are three main types of bike insurance, each offering different levels of cover. Choosing what’s right for you isn’t simply a case of opting for the cheapest quote; it’s about finding cover that suits your needs, at a price you can afford.

Do I need motorbike insurance?

Yes, you do. It’s a legal requirement if you’re riding your motorbike on Britain’s roads. The only exception is if you’ve declared your bike off the road and have a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) to prove it.

If you’re caught riding without insurance, you could be fined up to £300 and you’ll receive at least six penalty points on your licence. If you end up in court, you could face an unlimited fine or be disqualified from riding. And the police are authorised to seize your bike and destroy it. 


What levels of motorbike insurance are available?

There are three levels to choose from:

  • Third party - The minimum legal requirement, this covers the cost of compensating others for injury or damage caused by you. It won’t cover the cost of repairs to your bike or any medical treatment that you might need.
  • Third party fire and theft - Offers the same as third party, plus you’re also covered if your bike is damaged by fire or is stolen.
  • Comprehensive - Includes all the features of third party fire and theft, and will also cover you for any accidental damage or personal injury treatment. Comprehensive bike insurance might also cover the cost of a replacement bike if yours is written off.

Pillion cover

Typically, pillion cover isn’t included as standard with bike insurance policies. So, if you want to carry passengers on your bike, check your policy details to see whether they’ll be covered by your insurance. If you don’t have pillion insurance, you’ll need to get in touch with your insurance provider and ask for this to be added, possibly at an extra cost. Be aware, that if you carry a passenger and you don’t have pillion cover, your bike insurance could be invalidated.

Does what I use my bike for affect my insurance?

Yes, it could do. When you ask for a bike insurance quote, you’ll need to declare how you use your bike. The four main categories of use are:

Social, domestic and pleasure This covers day-to-day activities, such as visiting friends and family, and journeys made for leisure purposes.

Social, domestic, pleasure and commuting As above, but also includes commuting to and from your single permanent place of work. If you use your bike to get to a train station as part of your usual commute to work, then park it there, this is typically considered to be commuting and will be covered by your insurance.

Business use If you use your bike for work beyond just commuting, for example you travel between different offices or visit customers, you’ll need business bike insurance. Business use can be selected to include your spouse and/or additional riders.

Dispatch riding This will cover you if your main role at work is to deliver or pick up packages or documents.

How can I find the right bike insurance for me?

It’s easy. Compare policies and prices with us today and we’ll help you find cover that’s right for you. All we need is some information about you and your bike, and we’ll present you with a choice of insurance providers who we think will be a good match, leaving you to make the final decision.

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