Do I need extra motorcycle insurance for track days?

If you ride even a modestly powerful motorbike, the chances are you’ve never had the opportunity to feel its true power and speed. To do so on UK roads would quickly land you in a lot of trouble.

That’s where track days come in. There are now several companies in the UK that offer track days at a variety of circuits around the country. Available for riders of all experience types from novice through advanced, you’re sure to be able to find something that suits your ability.

What does a track day involve?

A track day involves liberating your bike from the rules of the road and having some fun while doing it. You can choose to ride either your own bike, or sometimes arrange and book a bike to hire in advance.

As you’d expect, safety at track days is the most important consideration. Riders are grouped according to ability and those groups usually ride on the track at the same time. It is of paramount importance that you don’t exaggerate your experience, riding on a track at speed is quite different from riding on a road if you’ve not tried it before.

As tempting as it may be to just go for it, ease yourself in gently. Build your speed with each lap as your tyres warm and always drive within your limitations. If you feel you’re tiring or your bike is straining, it’s time to take a break.

For sheer exhilaration and camaraderie, track days are hard to beat. Bikers are almost a community as it is and this is magnified when they come together for days like these. Everyone supports each other and the sense of team spirit is truly palpable.

Do I need extra motorcycle insurance for track days?

It’s very unlikely that your standard road insurance policy covers you for riding your bike during track days.

There is often no requirement to take out any track day insurance, though without it, you are riding completely at your own risk.

Of course more often than not, everything goes fine, but track days are not without some serious risks. If you choose not to take out cover, there’s the chance of seriously damaging or writing off your machine and not getting back a penny towards repair or a new bike.

We don’t offer track day insurance at but there are some specialist insurance providers that will. Policies do vary, some aspects are covered in some policies but not others and there may also be different limits and excesses.

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