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As a motorbike owner, you might have thought about customising your bike so that it’s truly unique. But how do modifications affect the cost of motorbike insurance?

As a motorbike owner, you might have thought about customising your bike so that it’s truly unique. But how do modifications affect the cost of motorbike insurance?

Daniel Hutson
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Posted 11 OCTOBER 2019

What is a bike modification?

A bike modification is any change or addition that you make to your bike after it’s manufactured. Some modifications have to be declared to the DVLA, for example if you change the colour of your bike or alter its engine or frame number.

What are the most common types of bike modifications?

Some of the most common types of bike modifications include:

  • Changing mirrors
  • Replacing air filters
  • Changing indicators
  • Adding stickers

Whether or not these affect your premium depends on your insurance provider – what appears on one provider’s ‘standard modifications’ list might not be on another’s. As a general rule, you should always tell your insurance provider about any changes to your bike. Even the smallest one could invalidate your policy so if in doubt, always find out.

What about performance-enhancing modifications?

Modifying your bike to enhance its performance could result in an increase in your bike insurance premium. A more powerful bike could be considered a greater accident risk as well as possibly making it more attractive to thieves. Similarly, aesthetically enhancing your bike might make it more vulnerable to theft – and is also likely to increase the cost of your policy.

Will a modification affect my insurance?

Not all alterations will have a detrimental effect on your insurance. Bike insurance providers appreciate that you’ll want to make your bike your own, and some will accept certain modifications as ‘standard’ without altering your premium.

A few beneficial tweaks here and there might be seen as an improvement on the old model that keep it going for a bit longer.

Does modified motorbike insurance exist?

There’s a limited number of providers who offer specialist cover, sometimes known as modified motorbike insurance. However, we don’t currently offer any of these providers through our comparison service.

Are there any modifications that could reduce the cost of my bike insurance?

Modifications that could help to reduce the cost of your bike insurance include:

  • Adding extra security features, such as an alarmed immobiliser
  • Fitting brake locks
  • Installing a GPS tracking device

However, there’s no guarantee that any modifications you make will result in a reduction in your premium, and not all insurance providers will offer the same (if any) discount on your premium. That’s why it’s always a good idea to compare providers to find the right deal for you.  

What should I think about before making any modifications?

If you’re considering making modifications to your motorbike, it’s a good idea to check with your insurance provider as to whether the changes could affect the price of your motorbike insurance. Better to do it before you make the change (unless you like expensive surprises).

As a general rule, insurance providers view changes in any of these areas as increasing your risk:

  • Value – if your alterations increase the value (and desirability) of your bike, it becomes more attractive to thieves.
  • Cost of repairs – if your alterations are extensive or complicated, then it could mean that repairs or parts are expensive or hard to come by. Your insurance provider may increase your premium in order to cover potential costs.
  • Performance increase – providers will interpret a more powerful bike as being harder to control and therefore more at risk of being involved in an accident.

Don’t let insurance costs get in the way of your dream bike, though – there are a huge number of factors, trends and statistics that go into working out insurance premiums, and some of them are impossible to predict.

How do I compare motorbike insurance quotes?

We make it quick and easy to search through motorbike insurance providers so you can get to exactly what you need. To see what kind of cover is available for your motorbike, just give us a few details and let’s compare.

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