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Guide to motorbike manufacturers

Bike manufacturers

Selecting a bike can be a challenge, especially in such a competitive and fast-growing market. Whether your focus is innovative design or engine power, you’ll also need to know the practicalities, such as the cost of road tax and bike insurance. We’ve put together a handy guide so that you can weigh up the pros and cons of some of the most popular motorcycle manufacturers.


BMW is one of the largest luxury vehicle manufacturers in the world. The company has set itself apart in a crowded marketplace for motorbikes by being driver-oriented – offering a dynamic experience behind the wheel.


Ducati bikes have a reputation for style and enhanced performance, both on the track and the road.

Harley-Davidson & Honda

Harley-Davidson is known for its exemplary design, and its uniquely styled bikes appeal to enthusiasts worldwide.

Honda manufactures some of the best-selling motorcycles of all time, thanks to their reliability and market-leading engines.


Kawasaki is synonymous with some of the coolest motorbikes on the market, and has a reputation for high performance and quality.


Piaggio is a stylish Italian brand, known for its compact scooters and mopeds enhanced by distinctive design.


Suzuki motorcycles combine optimum performance with state-of-the-art design, whether you’re racing or on the road.


Triumph is one of the world's most well-known and well-loved motorcycle brands. The British manufacturer has led innovation in the motorcycle industry for more than 100 years, creating the ultimate riding experience with their bikes.


Vespa – the Italian word for ‘wasp’ – is an Italian scooter brand manufactured by Piaggio, loved around the world for its quintessential design.


Yamaha takes a radical approach to design and performance, making it one of the most popular bike manufactures in the world.

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