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Compare Piaggio scooter insurance

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Piaggio scooter insurance

The upmarket Italian brand Piaggio produces top quality scooters, from the small, energetic Typhoon to the eye-catching 3-wheeled MP3. All of them have one thing in common – desirability. To protect your Piaggio, you need the right Piaggio scooter insurance… So what will it cost?

Frequently asked questions

What will Piaggio insurance cost?

These are just average prices. Your exact quote for Piaggio insurance will depend on a number of different things, such as:

  • the Piaggio model you have, its age and its value
  • your age and when you started riding a scooter – statistically, young and inexperienced riders make more claims, so their Piaggio insurance quotes will be higher
  • where you live – theft is a bigger problem in some areas than in others
  • security – you may get a reduced premium if you secure your Piaggio in a locked garage or add other security features

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What scooters are in the Piaggio range?

  • Piaggio Liberty – light and fuel efficient, the Liberty is a chic little scooter for shopping trips and getting around the city. The 50cc version is the baby of the family, while other models offer a bit more power.
  • Piaggio Medley – the next level up, the Medley is packed with smart technology. It’s designed for riders who want a top quality scooter without adding power and weight.
  • Piaggio Beverley – a refined, distinctive luxury commuter bike, the Beverley packs a punch with a 300 or 350cc engine. Choose the sport model for a more intense ride.
  • Piaggio MP3 – the unmistakeable Piaggio three-wheeler (two at the front, one at the back), built for strength, stability and comfort. The powerful sport models are designed for more adventurous rides, while the elegant business models are ideal city bikes
  • The Piaggio 50 range – these small, fun Piaggios have 50cc engines. The Typhoon and NRG have the aggressive lines of tiny motorbikes, while the Zip is designed for ultra-practicality.

What’s the story behind Piaggio?

Piaggio has a history stretching back well over 100 years. Starting out in ships, railway stock and even aircraft, it wasn’t until World War II that the company launched its most iconic product. They are the makers of the Vespa scooter range, which was one of the first motor scooters, and is now a global phenomenon.

Thanks in part to the Vespa’s success, Piaggio formed its own independent two-wheel manufacturer in 1964. Its first machine was the Ciao – combining an engine and pedals, it’s considered the forefather of the modern moped.

While they are Piaggio scooters, Vespas are marketed as their own brand. The separate Piaggio brand allowed designers to step away from the Vespa’s iconic look. Unlike Vespas, today’s Piaggio scooters are mostly high-wheeled, designed to cruise over bumps with ease.

This variation also allows Piaggio to appeal strongly to teens, with a dynamic, aggressive motorbike-style look for some of the younger models.

Power on three wheels

The Piaggio MP3 is the first three-wheeled scooter, and it certainly made a splash on its launch in 2006. The impressive tilting ability of its front wheels gives it a futuristic vibe, and it packs an impressive amount of power.

Three years later the Piaggio MP3 achieved another world-first with its plug-in hybrid version, the first ever hybrid scooter.

How do I compare Piaggio insurance quotes?

Just give us a few details and we’ll compare Piaggio insurance quotes from some of the leading bike insurance providers.