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Piaggio is a great Italian manufacturing success story. Today synonymous with scooters, it is one of the biggest and some might say best, producers in the world. As well as being the maker of the Vespa scooter range, Piaggio also has a range of scooters under its parent company name.

Whatever scooter you’re riding or thinking of riding, it’s vital that you have the right level of insurance cover in place to protect you and your Piaggio scooter.

Piaggio – from then till now

Piaggio has a history stretching back well over 100 years. Its history though was rooted in the production of ships, railway stock and even aircraft rather than scooters. It wasn’t until 1964 that Piaggio formed its own independent two-wheel manufacturer. Its first machine was the Ciao, this forerunner to the modern scooter appearing in 1967.

Through the 1970s, 80s and 90s Piaggio scooters including the Sfera, Hexagon, Cosa, Superbravo and Grillo came and went. In 1997 though, the 50cc Liberty hit the market. A highly innovative new scooter, the Liberty was to become a popular high wheeled scooter, its great looks and lines going down as well as its affordable price tag.

The Liberty along with the Beverly, which followed in 2001 are still successful Piaggio brands today. The Beverley, a reliable, agile and safe scooter has become a market leader in terms of sales. After 10 successful years it was overhauled and in 2012 the Piaggio high wheeled Beverly SportTouring model was launched. This model it was claimed, was a 350cc engine boasting the performance of a 400cc engine in a 300cc frame!

The eye-catching three wheeled Piaggio Mp3 was launched in 2006 and is still going strong today with the MP3 500 Sport and MP300IE Business models.

Today’s Piaggio Scooter range

If you think three wheels are better than two, let’s start with the MP3. The MP3 500 Sport also comes in a Business model, and with unique and elegant styling, the MP3 packs a punch. The Sport model for example boasts a 500cc engine and puts out more than 40 hp at 7,250 rpm. Riders can choose between two different ride settings depending on whether they want to favour fuel economy or performance.

Back in traditional two wheel territory, the baby of the range is the ZIP 50 2T. The 2T is perfect for the daily commute. Nimble in traffic and rarely thirsty for more fuel, it’s easy to understand the attraction.

The Typhoon is available in a 50 cc or 125cc engine and comes with some natty eye catching paint work as an option. It’s not all about looks though as the machine is capable of moving through traffic nicely when the opportunity allows.

Elsewhere, there’s the high wheeled 125cc Piaggio Liberty, the Medley 125 and finally the beautifully styled Beverly Sport 350 EU4. How do you choose?

Piaggio Scooter insurance

Whichever Piaggio scooter takes your fancy, the need to make sure you’ve got the right insurance cover remains the same. Our experts have been busy and to give you a feel for what insuring a Piaggio will cost have produced the following average prices.**

Compare Piaggio Scooter Insurance

Of course, these are averages and your actual insurance price will depend on a number of factors such as:

  • The scooter you choose
    The make, age and value of your scooter will all play a part in determining the actual cost. So, if the insurance cost is important to your decision as to which Piaggio to choose, why not run a comparison against a few different models.

  • Your age and experience
    Unfortunately for younger, inexperienced riders, they’re more likely statistically to make a claim than older, more experienced riders. To reflect this, younger riders can expect to pay more in the early years.

  • Where you live
    It might be an unwelcome fact but crime is higher in some postcodes than others. Insurance providers are aware of this and factor it into their pricing. The higher the instances of theft in your area, the higher your premium may be.

  • Security
    Where you keep your scooter could also make a difference to the cost of your scooter insurance. If you’re able to keep it in a locked garage this could make a favourable difference to your premium. If you’ve any other security features either standard or added, make sure you tell the insurance provider – it may help shave a few pounds off the cost.

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