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Compare Vespa scooter insurance

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Vespa scooter insurance

Since its inception in 1946, the Vespa (Italian for ‘wasp’), has become a style icon in its own right. As a desirable brand, the Vespa can be a popular target for thieves – so make sure you have the right Vespa insurance cover in place.

With well over 18 million Vespa motor scooters sold around the world, the Vespa is clearly here to stay.

Frequently asked questions

How much will it cost to insure my Vespa?

What you’ll actually pay for your Vespa insurance in the UK depends on a number of different factors, such as:

  • the Vespa model, its age and its value
  • your age and how long you’ve been riding – young and inexperienced riders are statistically more likely to make a claim, so will pay more for Vespa insurance
  • your home – in some postcodes theft is a bigger problem than in others
  • security – keeping your Vespa in a locked garage and adding other security features may help keep your premiums down

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Which models are in the current Vespa range?

  • Vespa Primavera – the archetypal bright city scooter, the new Primavera is a smarter, more efficient update of the 1968 style icon
  • Vespa Sprint – the racer of the Vespa range, the Sprint is a small-body model designed for speed and agility
  • Vespa  GTS – powerful and sporty, the state-of-the-art GTS is designed to take its rider on adventures outside the city

What’s the history behind Vespa?

Before you invest in Vespa insurance, why not learn a bit more about the history of the brand?

When Piaggio introduced the Vespa to post-war Italy, the timing was perfect. In a time in need of entertainment, here was a little machine that was practical, but inherently fun. It was easy to ride, reliable and manoeuvrable around the myriad pot holes that plagued Italy’s roads. And you could literally step into it – which meant it could be ridden when wearing a skirt.

When he first saw his new machine, Enrico Piaggio declared: “It looks like a wasp!”, and the name stuck. The birth of the Vespa gave Italians a new verb, vespare – simply meaning to travel somewhere on a Vespa.

The Vespa’s iconic film appearance in 1953 romantic comedy Roman Holiday started it on the road to cultural stardom. A young Sting rode a Vespa in the 1979 film Quadrophenia, Matt Damon stole Jude Law’s in psychological thriller The Talented Mr Ripley, and an animated Vespa led an epic chase scene in Pixar’s Ratatouille.

How can I get a Vespa insurance quote?

Just give us a few details and we’ll compare Vespa insurance quotes from some of the leading bike insurance providers.