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Compare BMW motorbike insurance

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BMW motorbike insurance

Known for its luxury cars, BMW also offers a range of motorbikes, including everything from scooters to sports bikes. Whatever sort of motorbike you own or are purchasing, we’ll help you compare BMW motorcycle insurance costs to find the right insurance for you.

How much does it cost to insure my BMW motorbike?

Average premiums are based on all our customer quotes, from people with different age ranges, addresses and driving histories. You may find a cheaper or more expensive quote based on your personal circumstances.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the history behind BMW motorcycles?

Believe it or not, BMW motorbikes came before BMW cars, and the company actually started out as an aircraft engine manufacturer. BMW switched to motorbike engines in 1918, and in 1920 it produced its first engine, a two-stroke 148cc motor called the Kurier. The brand started to make a name for itself in 1923, when legendary BMW designer Max Friz drew up plans for a new kind of motorcycle – what was to become the 486cc R32, a bike capable of reaching 60mph.

The growing motorbike racing scene spurred further production from BMW, and in 1929 it was a BMW 750cc that set a new land speed record of 134mph. Then, despite the demands of WWII on German production facilities, BMW produced the R75, a bike with two seats and a side car. This iconic bike was frequently seen in war films, and was even sent to Harley Davidson to copy after it made a favourable impression on US personnel in Germany.

BMW’s motorcycle business flourished, and was selling over 23,000 bikes a year by 1955. In 1960, the fastest Boxer available at the time was produced, capable of almost 110mph. In 1973, as BMW celebrated 50 years, the 500,000th BMW rolled off the production line, with the new R90 900cc model brought out to celebrate.

As it entered the 21st century, BMW continued to face its Japanese competition head on. The S1000RR superbike introduced in 2009 represented a shift into new territory, and the K1600 series of 2011 became the first six-cylinder BMW. As well as achieving new levels of performance, BMW has used its electronics expertise to develop advanced traction control, boosting its bikes’ safety credentials.

Which BMW models are available today?

For high-end performance, BMW has the Sport range, the S1000 RR being the flagship model. Its water-cooled engine is capable of producing 199hp at 13,500 rpm. It’s not a cheap option, with prices starting at £14,150.

BMW touring bikes are big, beautiful and imposing on the road, and come at a range of price-points, from the 90hp F800 GT at around £8,500 to the six-cylinder K1600 GTL at almost £10,000 more. The K1600 GTL’s 160hp engine ensures you don’t have to compromise on performance to ride in comfort.

The Roadster range offers power and style for urban riders. The nippy yet manoeuvrable G310R is perfect for the city or for escaping from it on the open road. It’s also relatively cheap at £4,450. At the other end of the scale, the R1200R generates 125 hp, and at £10,950 is a powerful all-rounder that looks great while being comfortable to ride.

For those who love to adapt and update their bikes, the Heritage range offers plenty of options. The range combines classic shapes with up-to-the-minute advances in technology. The air-cooled R NINE T is just one example, a 1200cc beauty capable of producing 110hp. It retails at £12,300.

If you’re into off-roading, check out the Adventure range, which includes the 2017 G310GS, an all-new 313cc off-and-on road bike. Or if you’re navigating the narrow, congested streets of the city, how about a plush maxi-scooter like the C 650 GT or C evolution? The C650 Sport scooter generates 60hp, making it capable of hitting 110mph (in theory – don’t try it on the high street).

What affects my insurance cost?

The price you’ll pay depends on a number of factors, including:

• The actual motorbike you’re riding. The model, age and value of your BMW bike all make a difference to your coverage price.

• How old you are and how much experience you have. Younger, less experienced riders typically pay more for their bike insurance.

• The postcode where you live and where you physically keep the bike when you’re not riding it. Adding security features and keeping your bike in a locked garage can help keep your premiums down.

• How often you use your bike. If you ride relatively few miles, you’re less of a risk than someone who rides frequently or over long distances. Restricting your mileage is a way of ensuring that you don’t pay more for your insurance than you need to.

• Your occupation. Certain professions pay more than others as they’re considered a higher risk.

How can I find an insurance quote for my BMW motorbike?

When you start a quote on our website, you can find your model in the drop-down menu. Then just answer a few questions about yourself and your bike, and we’ll generate a list of quotes from leading insurance providers. 

You might want to include add-ons like breakdown cover for a little extra security. You can add extra cover for your helmet and leathers to protect these vital investments. You can also give us details of any security features that may reduce your premium.

Start a quote for motorbike insurance today and see how much money you could save on your bike’s annual costs.