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Kawasaki bike insurance 

Kawasaki is synonymous with the coolest of motorbikes. Sorting out your Kawasaki motorcycle insurance may not be quite as cool, but we’ll help make sure it’s quick and easy to get covered. Not sure where to start for your Kawasaki motorcycle insurance? Check out our guide...

Frequently asked questions

How much does Kawasaki motorcycle insurance cost?

The actual price you pay for your policy will depend on a number of factors, including your age, experience and where you live. 

Compare premiums for other manufacturers.

What’s the history behind Kawasaki?

Before delving into the world of Kawasaki motorcycle insurance, why not learn a little bit more about the company itself?

The first Kawasaki motorbikes appeared in the 1960s, but the Kawasaki brand goes back to 1896, when the company made its name as a ship-builder.

The 60s saw the company buying up Meguro motorcycles, a well-known Japanese brand and the only producers of a 500cc machine. By the 1970s Kawasaki had expanded the product range to include 50s, 125s, 250s and a 750 model – at that time the biggest bike in Japan.

Kawasaki also had success on the track, winning its first world championship in 1969.

Through the 1970s and 1980s Kawasaki competed head on with Honda. The 900cc Z1 outpowered the Honda 750 on the road and on the racing circuit, and world championships followed in the 250 and 350cc classes as well as in the AMA Superbike championship.

The 90s and noughties saw new models that built on the brand’s impressive stable of bikes. The ZX-12R was born in 2000, becoming the flagship of the ZX series.

In 2008 the Kawasaki Concours was overhauled, re-emerging as the Concours 14, a blend of the best bits of the Ninja ZX-14 superbike (including its 1352cc engine). This bike is reckoned by many as the ultimate touring machine.

Which Kawasaki models are available today?

Kawasaki is one of the most prolific motorbike brands around, with a busy calendar of new releases. 
For the ultimate in performance and technical excellence there’s the Supersport range of Kawasaki Ninjas, like the Ninja ZX-10RR and Supercharger-equipped Ninja H2, but they don’t come cheap.

For something more affordable that still delivers, how about the Kawasaki Sport range? Whether it’s the Ninja 400 or the luxurious ZZR1400, escape the city for some exciting sports handling, matched with a comfortable ride thanks to the deeply padded seats.

If your tastes run to touring or cruising, Kawasaki’s 1400cc Grand Tourer model ticks the boxes for comfort, style and performance that really go the distance. Or for a lighter cruiser, the Vulcan S is equally at home on rural adventures and inner-city streets.

If you’re heading off-road, the Motocross range including the famed KX65 and KX85 bikes are both completion-ready machines for off road and competitive use.

Need something small and nippy to get you around the city? Kawasaki’s J125 “traffic beating scooter” has been carefully designed to make life easier for commuters.

Whether you’re going for sporty power or smooth cruising, you’ll find the right Kawasaki motorcycle insurance right here.  

What are the policy options for Kawasaki motorcycle insurance?

When sorting out your Kawasaki motorcycle insurance, you can include add-ons like breakdown cover for a little extra security.

You can also add extra cover for your helmet and leathers. Don’t forget to give us details of any security features, which may reduce your premium.

How can I find a quote for Kawasaki motorcycle insurance?

It’s easy to get a quote for Kawasaki motorcycle insurance with Compare the Market. Just answer a few questions about yourself and your bike, and we’ll generate a list of quotes from leading insurance providers.