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Flatbed van insurance

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What insurance do I need for my flatbed van?

The minimum level of cover required by law is third party insurance. If you’re in an accident, this will cover you for damage to another vehicle or injury that’s your fault. What it won’t cover is any damage to your own van, your own medical expenses, or theft.  

A step up from that would be third-party fire and theft, which offers the same cover as third party insurance, with added protection against fire damage and thieves. 

Comprehensive insurance includes everything you’d expect from a third-party fire and theft policy, but also protects you and covers damage to your van. 

Frequently asked questions

What else do I need to know?

If you’re using your flatbed for work, make sure you’ve opted for ‘business use’ on your policy. Otherwise you could find your policy is invalidated when you come to claim. 

If you’ve modified your van in any way – by changing the bodywork, engine or exhaust – you’ll also need to make that clear. 

How do I get the most suitable deal on my flatbed van insurance?

There are a few ways to access a better deal on your insurance:

  • build up a no claims discount – you can find this on a renewal reminder or cancellation letter from your current insurance provider
  • pay a higher voluntary excess – your voluntary excess is how much you choose to pay upfront when you make a claim. Insurance providers usually add a compulsory excess to this, so make sure you can afford the cost of both
  • keep your van secure – securing your van with an immobiliser and using an approved alarm and tracker could lower your insurance premium

You don’t need to spend hours trawling the internet to find the right deal. Let us do the hard work – simply enter a few details about yourself and the van and we’ll show you flatbed van insurance quotes.

50% of people could achieve a quote of £630 per year for their van insurance based on Compare the Market data in February 2020**.

**50% of people could achieve a quote of £630.00 per year for their van insurance based on Compare the Market data in February 2020.

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