Student car insurance

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Your Guide to Comparing Student Car Insurance

With all the activities of student life to throw yourself into, the idea of insurance probably fills you with a serious case of the whatevs. But moving away means dealing with boring grown-up stuff and car insurance (and breakdown cover and contents insurance…) are just some those boring things. So do you know your fully comprehensive from your third party  Ever heard of a black box? Looking to insure your moped or motorbike?

Fear not. Our straightforward guide will help you find the best deal to get you on the road and leave plenty of time for studying – and partying, of course!

Frequently Thought Questions

We thought we’d help save you some time by answering some of the questions that you’re likely to have about car insurance while at uni or college,and hopefully help you save a few quid too.

Why is car insurance for students so expensive?

For an insurance provider, it’s all about assessing and pricing risk. They know that the student age group is statistically more likely to make a claim than older drivers.

We know this isn’t necessarily your fault, but rather the result of your circumstances. You’re likely to have not been driving for long and that, unfortunately, statistically speaking, means more accidents. Additionally, as you’ve not been driving long, it might also be that you’ve had no opportunity to build up any no claims discount which could help you reduce your car insurance premiums at each renewal.

Finally, another reason for higher costs as a student may be the area you live in. For many students, particularly in larger cities, the post codes they live in tend to have higher crime rates. The area of the country will have a big impact too. Some students in London can expect to pay more than twice the amount that those in some parts of Scotland do.

What are the different types of car insurance?

There are three types of policy. Third party insurance covers you for damage you cause to the other vehicle or injuries you cause to another person in the event of an accident, but remember, it doesn’t cover damage to your own vehicle. Third party, fire and theft is the same as third party but you’re now covered in the event that your car is stolen or if it suffers any fire damage. Comprehensive insurance, as the name suggests, covers the damage to your vehicle and the injury or damage caused to all parties involved in the event of an accident. It also covers malicious damage and other accidental damage to your vehicle

How can I reduce the costs of student car insurance?

Well the good news is, whilst you might never class your car insurance as cheap, there are a number of things you can do that might make it cheaper.

Shop around
• Vary your policy cover
• Vary your voluntary excess
• Increase your vehicle security
• Add experienced drivers
• Restrict the mileage you drive
• Drive safely
• Go telematics
• Pay your premium yearly

What is a Black Box policy?

A black box or telematics policy refers to a gadget placed in the car or smart phone app that relays details of how you’re driving to your insurance provider. They use the data to reward safe driving with lower premiums. Which makes it a useful policy for young or inexperienced drivers.

What else should I consider with student car insurance?

How do modifications impact my insurance price?

Insurance providers dislike changes to factory specifications and whilst you might think it improves your car, they probably won’t. Modifications could increase your premium if an insurance provider deems it increases performance, reduces safety or adds value making it more of a target to thieves. Some insurance providers may refuse to even quote you a price and those that will may charge you more.

How can I find the right student car insurance deals for me?

If you’re looking for cheaper car insurance, you really need to shop around for the right deal for you. We’ve done the hard work for you and have created a comparison page that can help you find car insurance quotes fast. Start comparing today. You might be glad you looked.

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