British Sunshine Index The UK staycation locations with the best chance of summer sunshine

Being unable to travel abroad has really made us appreciate what we have right here on our doorsteps in the UK, and as restrictions start to ease and the weather starts to improve, attention is very quickly turning to our 2021 summer holidays!

Around 60.5 million domestic vacations are taken in Great Britain each year and this is likely to increase in 2021 due to uncertainty around international travel.

That’s why we’ve put together the British Sunshine Index, ranking some of the country’s most popular destinations on factors such as the average temperature, number of sunny days, rainfall, as well as the price of a night’s hotel stay, so that we can put the grey skies behind us and look forward to the perfect summer holiday right here in the UK!

1. Great Yarmouth - 76.15 sunny staycation score out of 100

In first place is a classic British seaside resort town, Great Yarmouth, on the east coast of England. Of all the destinations that we looked at, Yarmouth had the least rainy days per year with just eight and subsequently had just 37 mm of average rainfall in summer months.

The town also had one of the cheapest costs of accommodation per night at just £82 per night, so you can enjoy a budget-friendly trip to the seaside where you can enjoy attractions such as the Pleasure Beach and Joyland amusement parks and the Sea Life aquarium.

2. Southampton - 71.42 sunny staycation score out of 100

Another coastal destination takes third place, this time Southampton on the south coast. Its location means that this port city is one of the warmest in the UK with average summer temperatures of 17˚C, 7.3 daily hours of sunshine a day during the summer and just 47 mm of monthly rainfall.

It also holds a place in history as the port from which the Titanic left on its doomed maiden voyage and there are plenty of museums and galleries to explore if you need to take a break from the south coast sunshine!

3. Canterbury - 71.41 sunny staycation score out of 100

The cathedral city of Canterbury came in third and scored particularly highly for its daily sunshine hours, with eight, which was more than any of our other destinations!

Canterbury offers a picturesque break with its cobbled streets and timber-framed houses, as well as the famous cathedral, but best of all you can be fairly sure that you’re going to enjoy some sunshine if you visit during the summer!

Average summer temperature - London (18˚C)

Located in the South East, it’s perhaps no surprise that London is among the warmest destinations on our list, but perhaps the reason that it comes right at the top is the fact that built-up areas are usually always a bit warmer than smaller, more rural locations.

Average daily summer sunshine hours - Canterbury (8 hours per day)

Canterbury was the only destination on our list where visitors can expect to enjoy eight hours of sunshine a day during the summer months. Perfect for a long day at the beach!

Average summer rainfall - Weymouth (33mm per month)

The rain here in the UK can be unpredictable at the best of times and can seemingly strike at any moment, no matter where you are. But to give yourself the best chance of avoiding a downpour ruining your holiday this summer, head to Weymouth, which had the lowest monthly rainfall during the summer months, at 33mm per month.

Least summer rainy days - Great Yarmouth (8 days on average per month)

While Weymouth may have the lowest rainfall overall during the summer, it was Great Yarmouth that had the lowest average number of days of rainfall, with just eight rainy days on average across June, July and August.

Average weekend hotel price - Aberdeen (£53)

Planning a holiday in the UK involves balancing a lot of factors, one of which is affordability. And while Aberdeen may lag behind some of the other destinations on our list in terms of weather-related factors, it came out as the place with the cheapest average weekend hotel stay, at just £53 per night.

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We looked at some of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK, including everything from major cities to national parks, giving each destination a normalised score out of 100, weighted equally on the following factors, before taking an overall average across each of the scores to rank the top 21 sunshine destinations.

We took the average temperature, daily sunshine, rainfall and number of rainy days per month from, taking an average for June, July and August for each.

Average price per night for a weekend stay (Friday-Saturday) for hotels of all star ratings, based on searches made on between 29th June 2021 and 12th July 2021, for travel between 29th June 2021 and 31st December 2021. Prices are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed.

Domestic vacations statistics taken from Statista.

All figures collected as of May 10th 2021 and are subject to change.