Post-COVID Holiday Destinations

Once travel restrictions are lifted in the UK and globally, and vaccinations are rolled out, six in 10 Brits have said they are ready to embark on a much-needed holiday, whether it’s a tranquil beach escape or an adventurous destination.

But which destinations are top of the list for Brits and how have their attitudes to travel changed? How can you also protect yourself if you decide to book a trip overseas? Read on to find out more.

How have attitudes towards travel changed?

Most of us are planning on staying closer to home for our next holiday, with 59% of Brits saying they plan to visit Europe. With 43 countries only a short flight away, there are so many different cultures, sceneries and cuisines to be sampled.

However, destinations further afield may also prove popular once travel restrictions ease and vaccinations are rolled out, especially if, following Brexit negotiations, Brits will still need to wait for the EU COVID-19 travel restrictions to be lifted. In fact, 12% of Brits are hoping to travel to North America; from the bright lights of New York to the breathtaking Canadian Rockies, and chilled Californian beaches, there’s so much to see and do. South-East Asia looks popular with 6% of Brits choosing this destination while 5% of Brits each chose Australia and South America for their next dream holiday.

Want to go abroad after travel restrictions are lifted in the UK and globally, but aren’t sure if you should risk it? Looking at attitudes towards travelling, 7% of Brits said they don’t feel comfortable travelling for a long time, and of those who are up for going abroad, 34% said they’ll take further precautions, such as having hand sanitiser and masks, or sorting out their own food and drink.

However, more than half of people aged 65 plus (58%) have said the pandemic has not changed their attitudes towards the type of holiday they prefer. Gen-Z on the other hand (aged 18-24) are showing more interest in choosing different types of holidays following the pandemic, particularly in adventure holidays (24%), countryside breaks (22%) and beach holidays (22%).

Top tips for booking your next holiday post-COVID

We don’t blame you if you’re busy dreaming of a great escape, but there are some extra precautions you should take. Get your trip off to the right start by checking out our three top tips:

1. Look out for flexible booking policies

When booking their trip abroad, 22% of Brits are prepared to spend more money than usual to ensure they enjoy themselves whereas 18% have said they want to spend less.

Whether you’re looking to book a package holiday or prefer to book your flights and accommodation separately, make sure you read the small print.

Book with companies that have waived their flight change fees, so in the event of future restrictions impacting your holiday after lockdown, you’ll be able to re-schedule it to later on in the year at no extra cost.

2. Choose the right travel insurance following COVID-19 and Brexit disruptions

Unsurprisingly, COVID-19 has changed our views towards travel, but the biggest shift in attitudes is towards travel insurance: 40% of Brits have said they’ll be making sure they purchase the right level of travel insurance cover before heading off on holiday.

It’s important to research whether your EHIC is still valid following Brexit, and to ensure you have the right cover when buying travel insurance. Make sure you read the T&Cs, so you’re fully aware of what you are and aren’t covered for.

3. Book a package holiday

At 63%, millennials (aged 25-34) are the most likely to book their holiday in advance to save money and plan, whereas 35 to 44-year-olds are the most likely to book last minute to try and get the best possible deal (24%).

While you may usually prefer to book your flights and accommodation separately, in times of uncertainty a package holiday can be a safer option.

By booking a package holiday with a company that’s ATOL protected, it means that if they go bust in the future, you’ll be refunded the amount you paid for your holiday. It also means that if they were to go bust while you were abroad, you’ll be able to get home without paying anything extra.

The only question left to ask is where is your next dream holiday destination?

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Survey of 1,000 UK adults undertaken in December 2020 by TLF.