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Compare Travel Insurance For Under 18s

What do you do when your teenager is ready to fly the nest and travel abroad without you? Some family travel insurance policies will cover your teen even if you’re not travelling with them. But a lot won't. And you may need to take out a separate under 18 travel insurance policy.


Whatever you need to do, we’re here to make life a little bit easier for you, whether your child is looking to take a gap year, travel on a school trip, or take off on their first holiday with their mates.

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So is it possible to get travel insurance for under 18s travelling alone?

Absolutely. There are a number of insurers that will provide travel insurance for a child under 18, Travel insurance for under 18s will cover your teen’s basic needs, such as an overseas medical emergency. While this would be stressful for you at least you know they’re safe and well looked after with the under 18 travel insurance you’ve taken out for them. Comprehensive travel policies may also give further cover for a whole range of incidents and events your child will hopefully not experience during their adventures. Please read the policy details prior to purchase as an additional premium may be required to cover some higher risk activities or they may be excluded from the policy completely.

But don't forget: If you’ve got travel insurance for the family when you all travel away together, it might be worthwhile checking the terms and conditions first to see whether the policy covers your child if they travel independently

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How old is an unaccompanied minor?

Of course, it may not be a teen you need to buy travel insurance for. You may have a younger child who needs to fly to meet a parent or other relative and they, of course, will need their own travel insurance for a child under 18. An unaccompanied minor is a child aged between 5 and 15 who is travelling alone without a parent or legal guardian. The general unwritten rule is that your child should be at least 5 before they fly independently.


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What does under 18 travel insurance cover?

What you need to think about is where in the world  your under 18 is travelling to, what activities will they be getting up to while they are there, and do they have any pre-existing medical conditions? This will help determine what kind of under 18s travel insurance you take out.

For example, if they’re travelling to the United States, then their travel insurance will need worldwide cover including the USA. And with regard to the activities they’ll be taking part in, if they’re planning on doing some adventure sports like skiing or bungee jumping, then this will need to be specified in their under 18 travel insurance. You need to make sure injuries are covered. You don’t want to have to foot the enormous bill your child racks up because they think they’re unbreakable!

If, on the other hand, your teen is travelling around Europe, then get them an EHIC card before they go, as this will provide them with state-funded healthcare, if they’re in a country within the European Economic Area. This doesn't replace an under 18 travel insurance policy – you’ll still need that – but it might help towards some of the medical costs and some insurers may not charge the policy excess if you have your EHIC card. 

Compare travel insurance for a child under 18

Comparethemarket.com is the simplest way to compare a bunch of under 18 travel insurance providers with just a couple of clicks. We’ll make sure your young traveller has all the insurance cover they need for their adventures, and all the cover they need for you to sleep easy.

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