The Uks luggage habits

Packing can be one of the most stressful parts of a holiday. How many T-shirts do you need? Will you really want a rain jacket and sunglasses? How cold can it be in Cuba?

And it’s not just making sure you have enough. Travellers worry about all sorts of things, from embarrassing items in their luggage showing up in security to losing their bags in transit.

To find out more about luggage habits and worries, we asked 2000 people what goes into their holiday packing.

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So, to make the most of your holiday, make sure you have your sunglasses, and hide your dirty laundry so it’s not the first thing security take out (unless you’re from Coventry, where you should hide your underwear first!).

Finally, make sure you’re insuring your luggage for the right value rather than just selecting an “any” option, which may have higher premiums, so you can have more holiday spending money instead.

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Survey conducted across 2001 UK residents in June 2019, with responses broken down by gender, age, region, city, parental status, and relationship status.