With the average motorist spending over 364 hours a year behind the wheel, it’s no wonder so many of us begin to store a collection of personal possessions from our home in our car. However, while many of us may have left the odd bag or bottle in our cars, our research suggests some drivers are taking this to a whole new level. Just take a look at some of the wackiest things people have admitted to leaving in their cars: 

Top ten wackiest things people have admitted to leaving in their cars

As well as using our cars to stock some of the more unconventional items, our research has also revealed the top items that drivers are guilty of hoarding in their cars for over a month!

Car Chaos

The extent of our hoarding habits may be leading to millions of motorists’ putting high-value items at risk, by failing to make sure they’re out of sight – potentially invalidating any insurance claim on the majority of car insurance policies.

Three in five drivers leave valuables in plain sight

Over one in ten drivers have left a set of keys or a mobile phone in their car for over a month

Nearly one in five drivers have been a victim of a car robbery 

More than one in ten say someone has tried to break into their car

Car Chaos

Clustered Cars

Chaotic and clustered cars are have led to a quarter of drivers feeling embarrassed by the mess, and one in ten admitting they’ve found it difficult to fit people in their car! What’s worse, many Brit’s found their items going walkabouts…

A quarter of drivers admit to losing items in their car every week

A quarter of drivers have failed to give their car a clean sweep 

Two million motorists NEVER clean the inside of their car

Clustered Cars
Simon McCulloch

Simon McCulloch



Our expert says...

“Many motorists are on the road so much that it’s no surprise that our cars can become a home away from home. However, with this comes a greater risk of attracting unwanted attention from car thieves.

Remember that the majority of policies will only cover items providing they are locked away and out of sight. The amount covered by most policies will be fairly low, so keep that in mind when leaving high-value items in the car – our research shows that a staggering four million motorists have left a set of house keys or a mobile phone in their car for over a month!

If the worst does happen and you’re a victim of theft, it’s also worth noting that some home and contents insurance may cover you, however the same rules will apply as those associated with your car insurance.”

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