How does your insurance compare?

Do you ever feel like you’re paying too much for your car insurance? Factors such as your age and the value of your car can drive up your premiums, but how does the cost of your insurance compare to others?

The average annual car insurance premium declined by £80 year-on-year in Q4 (September - November). The average premium is now £640, compared to an average of £721 for the same three-month period in 2020. 

At such an uncertain time for all of us, it’s more important than ever before that you’re not overpaying for your car insurance. To find out how much other drivers in a similar situation to you are paying for their car insurance, just enter your details below. 

If it turns out you're paying more than average, maybe it's time to shop around for a better deal.

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How does your car insurance premium


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Average Car Insurance Premiums

in the UK

How much do car insurance premiums vary across the country? Unsurprisingly, the most expensive premiums are to be found in London. The borough of Newham has the highest premiums overall, with residents paying an average of £1,338 per year for their insurance.
On the other hand, the cheapest car insurance quotes are found in the South West, specifically on the Isles of Scilly. Here, drivers pay an average of £309 per year – over four times less than those in Newham.

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All data is sourced from When the “average price” is referred to, this is the mean average of the top five cheapest prices presented to a customer, where a consumer has clicked through to buy. Buying from the top five cheapest prices presented represents 90% of all car insurance sales.

When the “cheapest price” is referred to, this is the average cheapest price presented, where a customer has clicked through to buy. It calculates the cost of premiums where the customer has clicked through to buy the policy. If the average premium cost was instead calculated on the basis of all prices returned then the average cost would be significantly higher.

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