Globally Charged - The Cost Of Charging An Electric Car Around The World

Globally Charged

Our world - we only have one, so it's no wonder we are taking a conscious effort to become a cleaner and greener population. Our carbon footprint and collective effect on the world is a huge talking point - and rightly so!

This doesn't just mean we are making more of an effort to reduce, reuse and recycle, it also includes the use of electric vehicles. They are becoming more commonplace on the roads, not only due to their less negative effect on the planet than diesel and petrol-fuelled vehicles, but also because of their efficiency and low running costs. But just how light on your wallet can running an electric vehicle really be?


We have studied the average household cost of electricity around the globe (Kwh) and have calculated the charging costs to figure out how much it would cost to run an electric vehicle* on a maximum potential charge.

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*For consistency all calculations based on a Tesla Model S (100 kWh battery charge & 259 miles per charge).