Everyone's talking about driverless cars, but just how will these autonomous vehicles be insured? We've teamed up with an expert to imagine what it could look like to cover the innovative vehicles of the future...


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Can you imagine a world where cars can drive themselves and learner tests become a thing of the past?

It might sound like the storyline of a futuristic movie, but advances in technology mean fully driverless cars could become a reality sooner than you might think. In fact, some experts believe that by the mid 2020’s, the first manifestation of fully automatic cars will be on the road.

Our research has shown that 44% of people are still unsure whether they would be willing to let technology rule the road.

So we’ve worked with expert Professor Neville Stanton, Chair in Human Factors Engineering, University of Southampton to help provide some clarity on what driverless cars will mean to our car insurance needs.

Check out the first ever future gazing Driverless Car quote journey for an insight in to the world of driverless cars and see the kinds of questions that could affect your premiums.

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