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No claims capitals

Where in the UK do drivers have the highest no claims bonuses? 

We all like to think we’re a safe pair of hands behind the wheel - and the best way to prove it is a clean track record, backed by a nice no claims bonus. 
But where in the UK are the ‘no claims capitals’, where drivers have earned the most no claims bonus years? 
We’ve analysed thousands of insurance quotes to find out where can claim to have the country’s best (and worst!) drivers, based on their average years of no claims. 

The areas with the highest no claims bonuses 

The average person in the UK has a no claims bonus of seven years, but there's one part of the country that can boast of being the country’s true no claims capital. 
The quiet rural roads of East Dorset clearly don’t see that many accidents, as residents there have an average no claims bonus of eight years - more than any other area in the country. 
On the other hand, there are many areas which fall below the average. There are 22 local authorities where the average no claims bonus is just five years, 14 of which are in London, as well as other large cities such as Birmingham, Manchester and Leicester. 
But the dubious honour of the lowest average no claims bonus goes to the London borough of Tower Hamlets, where the average driver has gone just four years without a claim. 

Have no claims bonuses improved over time? 

We also looked at how the average no claims bonus has changed over the last couple of years. 
As technology has improved, cars have got safer, and telematics devices which track our driving introduced, we’d expect to see the average number of years of no claims increase. This seems to have been the case for a while, with the average no claims bonus rising from six years in 2018 to seven and then eight by July 2019. 
However, this then dropped back down to six years in October 2019, suggesting that despite improvements in safety, we’re not seeing a huge benefit when it comes to our no claims bonuses. 

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All data sourced from car insurance enquiries made to Compare the Market between May 2018 and July 2020.