How common is your car

There are currently around 32.5 million cars registered on the UK’s roads, from supercars to old bangers, but which are the most popular, and just how many people are driving around in the same car as you?

We’ve analysed the latest figures from the DVLA to find out exactly how many of each car models was registered in the UK as of the end of 2018.

See the top ten makes and models below, then enter your own car to see how common it is on the UK’s roads.

Methodology and sources

The most common cars in the UK

Top 10 makes
  • 1. Ford - 4,311,950
  • 2. Vauxhall - 3,403,948
  • 3. Volkswagen - 2,827,613
  • 4. BMW - 1 845,274
  • 5. Audi - 1,693,486
  • 6. Toyota - 1,551,876
  • 7. Nissan - 1,545,291
  • 8. Mercedes - 1,522,346
  • 9. Peugeot - 1,498,153
  • 10. Renault - 1,127,655
Top 10 models
  • 1. Ford Fiesta - 1,538,469
  • 2. Ford Focus - 1,297,798
  • 3. Vauxhall Corsa - 1,109,625
  • 4. Volkswagen Golf - 1,065,880
  • 5. Vauxhall Astra - 955,224
  • 6. Volkswagen Polo - 677,172
  • 7. BMW 3 Series - 606,365
  • 8. Nissan Qashqai - 489,300
  • 9. Toyota Yaris - 486,637
  • 10. Renault Clio - 466,044

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The UK’s most common car brands

Ford came out as the most popular car brand in the UK, making up 13% of cars on the UK's roads, with over 4.3 million models, followed by Vauxhall, which was the most popular British brand.

Number of cars
Number of cars

Methodology and sources

All data was sourced from Table VEH0220 (Licensed cars by make, model and engine capacity: Great Britain and United Kingdom) from statistical data set VEH02 at GOV.UK.

For each model, we combined the number of vehicles for each variant to reach a total figure for that model. (For example for Ford Fiesta we added together with the number of Fiesta Titanium, Fiesta Zetec, Fiesta Active and so on.)

Note that for the top brands, we excluded any where the brand wasn’t listed (for example listed as ‘Other British’ or ‘Other Italian’).

If a car isn’t showing up, this could be because a number of vehicles are listed as ‘Missing’ or ‘Other’ on the original dataset, as the make or model hasn’t been properly recorded on the vehicle’s V5 documents, or perhaps the vehicle isn’t registered with the DVLA.

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