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69% of us regret having not learnt to drive

69% of non-drivers said they regret not having learnt to drive, yet only a few people think that they’ll learn in the future. 
The joint top reason for not learning was because of the cost of lessons being too high, and the cost of buying a car plus all the extras that go along with it, sound familiar?

Women are more scared of accidents than men 

Women tend to be more fearful of being involved in an accident than men, and are more worried of other people on the road too.  
Whereas one of the main reasons men choose not to learn to drive is because they simply didn’t want to. 

18-24s are more likely not to drive because they can’t afford to 

For many 18-24s who don’t drive it’s due to not being able to afford to buy a car, or pay for the lessons that they need to get out of the passenger seat. 

Top tips for learning to drive

If you’re feeling at all anxious about learning to drive, then don’t worry – it’s completely normal to feel that way. We spoke to driving instructor John Parry who shared his top tips on how to beat the nerves: 

  1. Pick an instructor who’s right for you: Speak to friends and family members to see if they recommend anyone, then take a look at their website and Facebook group. You might find that they post lots of pictures of people who have passed – if they’ve tagged those people, it may be worth dropping them a message to ask them about their experience with that instructor. 
  2. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else: Some people will need fewer hours to pass their test, and some will need more; and COVID means that it takes even longer to book in for a test. Don’t compare yourself to other people because everyone learns at different levels.
  3. Practice makes perfect: When you learn something new in a lesson, you’ll only get better with practice. If you feel your instructor is going too fast and you want to practice a move again, tell them. 
  4. There’s nothing wrong with taking a week or two off from lessons: If you’re feeling worried about driving, having a rest can be ideal, so you can gain composure and relax before driving again. Taking a couple of weeks off will help to refresh your mind, so you can get back behind the wheel even more determined.
  5. Remember, instructors are here to help you: We’re not worried if you say the wrong thing or turn the wrong way – we all do it at times. We’re there to help you learn to drive.  

For more information about getting a learner driver’s licence view our learner drivers page.  

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Survey of 1,500 UK adults who don’t drive, in October and November 2020 by OnePoll.