If you’ve ever been hit by a parking fine, you’ll know that leaving your car even for an extra few minutes beyond the time limit can end up costing you a pretty penny.

But just how much money do councils up and down the UK actually make from car parking fines?

We’ve looked at the PCN (parking charge notice) income for some of the UK’s biggest towns and cities to find out.

Outside of the capital, it’s Leeds that make the most, with £6.1m generated from parking fines in the last year.

In terms of which council has issued the most fines, Manchester comes out on top, by far, with 545,314 penalty charge notices being handed out this year. Whether these fines are appealed, challenged, paid, or perhaps ignored, there's no questioning that this is much higher than any other city or town.

London councils bring in the most revenue from parking fines, with some being home to more than 10,000 people per square kilometre.

The borough of Brent rakes in the highest amount in the city (£15.8m), which is also far more than the amounts received for any of the cities we looked at.




Number of
Penalty Charge Notices


Using Freedom of Information requests, we obtained the number of PCNs issued for both on and off-street parking and the income generated from these for the 30 most populated towns and cities in the UK, as well as each London borough.

Data was taken for the most recent financial year available and was not available for some councils (Belfast, Kingston upon Hull, Luton, Hammersmith & Fulham and Bromley).

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