How Long Did It Take The Premier League’s Top Players To Afford Their Wheels?

Being a Premier League footballer typically brings with it a hefty pay packet and an opportunity to flaunt some of the finer things in life; designer brands, holidays, mansions, and, of course, luxury cars.

Often valued at hundreds of thousands of pounds, the cost of a luxury motor can seem like spare change to the highest paid players.

We studied 64 top flight footballers to reveal who could afford to buy their car the quickest, looking at their earnings and the value of their most expensive motor.

Just how much football do the Premier League’s top players need to play to pay off their wheels?

The Average Premier League Car Costs...


The Average Player Buys Their Car In...

82 min 30 sec

The Average Player Buys Their Car In...

0.9 matches

Reportedly Owned Car
Car Paid Off In
Car Paid Off In
Minutes played is calculated by taking the total number of ‘game' minutes in the season (38 games - 3420 minutes). Average UK salary = £27,600. All calculations based on pre-tax earnings.

On average, the majority of Premier League players can pay off the cost of their car within the space of just one game. At one end of the spectrum, Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva could pay for his modest Smart Fortwo in as little as six minutes of game time and despite a weekly wage of £120,000, it shows that big money doesn’t always mean big wheels.

At the other end of the scale, Tottenham Hotspur and South Korea striker Son Heung-Min bags the prize for the most expensive wheels in the Premier League, driving and being the proud owner of a Ferrari LaFerrari worth £1.15 million. Despite this, it would still take just six games for Son to earn enough to pay for this luxurious model of motor!

Interestingly, the position which a footballer plays on the pitch appears to affect the value of their car. Often seen as flashier and with a bigger ego than their teammates, forwards and midfielders are more likely to be the owner of a higher value car compared to their more defensive-minded teammates further down the field, those who prefer to buy cars of a lower value.