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At Compare the Market, we've made it our mission to make the mundane a little more... simples.

Over the past 11 years, we’ve become one of the UK’s most-loved brands and trusted price comparison websites. We continuously challenge ourselves to give our customers a better experience when comparing with us, and our customer feedback indicates we’re doing a good job. We also have a rich pool of data available to share with you…

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Making data dynamic

Our analysts work hard tracking metrics, easing customer pain points and delivering valuable insights. We take our data very seriously and have some great trends to share in the following areas:

Vehicle • Home • Pet • Business • Finance • Travel • Life insurance

Our data has been used by leading publishers across a range of industries, including:

      The Sun Newspaper        The Telegraph Newsletter      Metro Online      Yahoo Finance    

Emphasising education

Our goal is to make financial services more accessible and easier to digest. So if you’re a student, or an academic or educational institution needing data-led insights around trends in the above areas, then get in touch using the form below. We want to make sure you’re using reliable, valid data. 

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Data Request Form

Please fill out the below form and we will get back to you in the next two weeks

Data requests

Please allow 2 weeks for us to process your data application and confirm receipt of your request. After we’ve received your submission, we’ll give you a timescale for sourcing the data you’ve requested. Please ensure all data requests are submitted in English only.

We won’t release any data of a confidential nature and, due to privacy concerns, we can’t guarantee that we can give you the data you’ve asked for. Please note that if you use Compare the Market data, you must credit it with ‘Compare the Market’.

How we’ve used our internal data at Compare the Market

We've used our data to highlight some key industry trends and take-outs that have the potential to impact our customers:

Young drivers report
Example of how we have used data