Colour palettes from 8 different TV living rooms

Colour palettes from the most popular TV living rooms

Have you ever watched a TV show and thought, ‘that colour would look great in my living room’? Our favourite shows provide endless sources of design inspiration – and we’ve created colour palettes for 8 of the most popular and recognisable TV living rooms.

From the bright blues and oranges of Penny’s living room in Big Bang Theory to the dark, moody tones in Walter White’s open concept space – we’ve got something here for everyone.

Seinfeld (Jerry’s living room)

For nine seasons, Jerry Seinfeld invited us into his fictional Upper West Side living room. With the walls decked out in muted grey tones and plenty of wood accents, his blue couch adds a much-needed pop of colour to the space – the main meeting ground for his crew. 

Decorating ideas for your living room: Get this ‘90s look by sticking to a light grey wall colour and accenting the space with wood tables. If you want to go all the way, throw up some wainscoting for a little extra character.


Friends (Monica’s living room)

Perhaps one of the most iconic living rooms to ever hit TV, Monica’s space is easily recognised by its bright purple walls and contrasting light wood furniture. Her eclectic taste brings in a mix of styles, with a rustic wood coffee table, numerous antique side tables and French poster art.  

Decorating ideas for your living room: Opt for a soft purple shade on the walls and add bolder splashes of colour with lots of pillow and throws. Source some vintage posters and don’t forget to accessorise – add lamps, sconces and lots of plants.


Mad Men (Don and Megan’s living room)

Don and Megan’s streamlined 1960s Manhattan apartment is a mix of traditional and modern. With a heavy focus on neutral earth tones, the room features small pops of colours from pillows, lamps and rugs. 

Decorating ideas for your living room: Complement neutral cream walls with modular brown leather sofas. Opt for a sleek glass coffee table and textured throw pillows to bring in some colour. Vintage-retro window curtains bring it all together for a living room straight out of Mad Men.

Mad Men

Downton Abbey (The drawing room)

Often the site of an evening game of Bridge, the drawing room is a communal space for entertaining before and after dinners. Decorated in pinks and creams with blue silk wallpaper, the room offers up a soft, feminine energy.

 Decorating ideas for your living room: Opt for light coloured silk wallpaper with an ornate design. Complement it with classic cream sofas, crown moulding and hardwood floors, and accessorise with gold picture frames and light fixtures.

Downton Abbey

Big Bang Theory (Penny’s living room)

If your space needs a fresh look, Penny’s apartment delivers. Pops of turquoise, orange, plum and lime green add an element of fun, while the room stays grounded with cream walls, light wood floors and neutral tables. 

Decorating ideas for your living room: Keep the backdrop neutral – think beige or light grey – and add colour with lamps, pillows and curtains. If you want to be a little bolder, try investing in a brightly coloured couch as your statement piece.

Big Bang theory

How I Met Your Mother (Ted, Marshall, Lily and Robin’s living room)

The Apartment housed just every member of the gang throughout the show’s nine seasons, and the bright, cheery living room saw its share of action. The yellow walls give the space a warm feel, which is accented by hues of orange, red and complementary turquoise.  

Decorating ideas for your living room: Stick with the red couch as a focal point. Choose wood furniture and bring in an accent colour (try a shade of blue-green) to inject some fun into the space.

How I Met Your Mother

New Girl (Jess Day’s living room)

Despite Jess’s bubbly and adorkable personality, earthy tones dominate this living room design. The bright blue door brings a pop of colour to the space, which is anchored by wood furniture and a brown leather couch.  

Decorating ideas for your living room: Choose an L-shaped couch in your favourite earth tone, then build the rest of the room around it. Wooden accent tables are a great choice, and the neutral palette lets you bring in colour with pillows, rugs or – yes – interior doors.

New Girl

Breaking Bad (Walt’s living room)

The dramatic tones in this space seem fitting for the drama that followed Walt. Golden walls and hardwood floors keep the living room feeling warm, while comfortable olive-brown furniture anchors it. Plaid curtains bring in dark reds and burgundies and tie the room together.  

Decorating ideas for your living room: Go for classic furniture pieces, wooden tables and flooring. Find bold patterned curtains, which are a great opportunity to bring in your favourite accent colours.

Breaking Bad

 Now you can have a taste of your favourite TV show in your very own home.  

Remember to match some of the shows major colours with some key pieces and don’t forget to play around with some timely accessories to get the feel you’re looking for.

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