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Increasing home contents cover for Christmas and other religious holidays

The last thing you want to be thinking about over Christmas, or during another religious holiday, is your contents insurance. That said, it might pay to give them a little thought in the buildup, just to make sure that you and your family have the protection you need.

Increased cover over Christmas

Unfortunately, not everyone has festive cheer on their minds and Christmas is sadly a time of increased risk of burglary. With a house full of presents, extra food and dare we suggest it, a tipple or two, your house is attractive to those who don’t care about spoiling the holidays for others.

It might be surprising to hear that some insurance providers already take this into account. In fact, many home insurance providers increase their home insurance contents limits over the festive period. That’s reassuring if you’re with one of those providers, but you’d probably not know unless you check your small print.

Even amongst the insurance providers that do offer the extra cover, how they apply it can be quite different. How much extra is offered varies and so too the timeframe affected. Some increases last for the whole of December while others may be for just a few days.

What about other religious holidays?

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, most insurance providers will offer you a temporary increase in cover for alternative religious holidays instead. It’s worth calling your insurance provider to discuss so you can vary the cover amount at the right time of year for you.

Increase contents insurance during religious holidays

Varying cover at other times

You might want to take a look at the value of your contents just after the holiday period too. If the value of your contents have increased due to gifts or new valuables, you need to let the insurance provider know so that they can adjust your policy.

Additionally, if you’ve a special birthday or wedding in the family, it could give rise to more presents! For peace of mind you might want to call the insurance provider to increase the level of cover you have either temporarily or permanently as your situation dictates.

Though insurance policies all set out to cover the same issues and risks, they do often contain quite different limits, conditions and terms. It’s always worth taking a very close look at these to make sure you have the cover that you need. If it’s not clear, give your insurance provider a call and ask the specific question.

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